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  • The ResponderScripts from Tony Schumacher's BBC One Drama which follows Chris, an unconventional urgent response officer through a series of night shifts in Liverpool.
  • Doctor Whoby various writers. Read All episodes of Series 13 including 'The Revolution of the Daleks', ' Eve of the Daleks' and 'Legend of the Sea Devils'.
  • LutherRead all five series of Neil Cross' critically acclaimed detective series, Luther.
  • The SerpentRead all 8 episodes of the real-life story of a murderer by Toby Finlay & Richard Warlow
  • VigilRead all six episodes of Tom Edge's thriller about a crew member found dead on board the Trident nuclear submarine HMS Vigil.
  • Ridley RoadAll four episodes of Sarah Solemani's drama about Jewish opposition to British Fascism in the 1960s, inspired by Jo Bloom's novel.
  • Back to LifeBoth series of Laura Solon & Daisy Haggard's Emmy nominated comedy drama about a woman's struggle to rebuild her life after being released from prison.
  • Guiltby Neil Forsyth. New in the Script Library the complete Series 2 of the award-winning drama, which picks up events two years after Series 1 as Max is released from jail.

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