Royal Birmingham Conservatoire of Acting - Short Film Script Submissions 2020

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Short Film Script submissions 2020 | Royal Birmingham Conservatoire of Acting | Deadline: 30th April 2020 (extended)

An opportunity to get your work filmed! 

Following a very successful series of short films screened in 2019 at International Film Festivals the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire of Acting are once again accepting script submissions for next year’s short films to be shot in Autumn 2020. 

They are looking for 4 x handed Film scripts, with characters in their late teens to mid 20s, in order to fit the demographic of their 3rd year Actors.  

It’s very important that the actors should feel they have parity in terms of screen time/lines.

The length of each final film should be approximately 6 to 7 minutes. They have to be shot in a day. This is about 8/9 sides maximum in the BBC Matt Carless film script format available on the BBC Writersroom website here  

The scripts need to be typed up using this template and submitted ideally as a PDF file but if not then in Word. 

Although creativity should be preserved remember the films are being made on a low budget! Locations have to be doable, writers need to have in mind logistics. (eg traffic noise and aeroplanes are not good). 

They are primarily looking for scripts with contemporary settings. Although some period work is possible, requirements must be realistic (eg Carriage and Pair and WW1 Tanks are to be avoided!) They are mainly looking to shoot interiors. Importantly each script needs to be centric to one location. 

A Copy of the finished Film will be made available to you. 

Please ensure you read and stick to this brief. Please don’t resubmit scripts already sent from last year as any scripts of interest from 2018/2019 have been shortlisted and will be added into the selection process for this round. 

Scripts should be submitted to the director, Clifford Milner, Senior Acting Tutor Recorded Media via email:

New Deadline: 30th April 2020

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