The University of Southampton - Green Stories Writing Competition

Deadline: August 26th 2021

Futuristic cityscape with green trees and sleek trains

Green Stories Writing Competitions solicit stories that embed green solutions in the context of an engaging plot aimed at a mainstream audience. It is run by the The University of Southampton and is free to enter with prizes. Anyone (any country, any age) can enter as long as the entry is in English and it has not been published/produced.

The next competition asks for a radio play or series and the deadline to submit is 26th August 2021. Permitted formats are a 45 minute drama, or 6 x 30 minutes series or 5 x 15 minute series. 

The winning entry will receive a free script appraisal and treatment by the Literary Consultancy, plus will be sent to production companies for consideration.

Find full details on the Green Stories website 

Deadline: August 26th 2021

(Following the TV/Radio script opportunity there will also be an Adult Novel opportunity closing in December.)

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