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Class Dismissed Sketch Writing Initiative | Deadline: 5th May, 2017

CBBC and BBC Writersroom are joining forces in a talent search to find new sketch writers.  

If you can write funny for young fans of comedy, tap in to the unique world of Class Dismissed and capture the tone of the show then we want to hear from you.

Class Dismissed is entering its third series after much success last year. Series 1 was nominated for an RTS Award for Best Comedy, whilst series 2 was the top performing title on the channel in its first week of transmission, with every episode rating in the top 40 most watched shows on iplayer. The challenge is now to build on our success and make series 3 even funnier!

 This is a unique and fun opportunity to get your writing noticed. 

Write it, send it in and your sketch could land on the desk of the Class Dismissed Creative team. There is no guarantee of selection but, if chosen, your sketch may even feature in future episodes of CBBC’s sketch show Class Dismissed.

So if you’re a comedy writer looking to get noticed by Comedy Producers then this may be the initiative for you. 

What to Submit:

The challenge is to write a comedy sketch for any one of the following characters:  Mr Capp, Mr Schofield, Mrs Tucker, Tammy and a brand new character. Be sure to target your sketch at the CBBC audience aged 6-12 years.

You will need to send us up to two sketches in total (so two sketches for one character or one sketch each for two characters) that are each between 1-1.5 minutes long. The work you submit must not have been previously commissioned, optioned or produced on any platform including TV, online or radio. 

Judges will include: Chantal Delaney (Series Producer, Class Dismissed), Helen Burt (Assistant Producer, Class Dismissed) and Justine Potter (Development Producer, BBC Writersroom).

OPENING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS:   Tuesday 18th April 2017 from 10am

CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Friday 5th May 2017 at 5pm

SHORTLIST MEETING: Salford – Thursday 18th May 2017

FINALISTS NOTIFIED:  Friday 26th May 2017

Please submit your sketch via our online submission system link.

Please note that all sketches must be submitted in PDF format. You can submit up to two sketches but please combine these into a single PDF file.

Tips for writing sketches for Class Dismissed

  • All characters exist within the real world
  • To remember it’s a mockumentary so know the boundaries of this (no slow mo, montages etc…)
  • To make sure that something happens within the sketch- funny words are great but our audience loves action!
  • Using references that our audience understand is very important
  • Avoid unhealthy stereotypes
  • Remember our audience aren’t pre-schoolers, it isn’t necessary to oversimplify or talk down 

Before submitting please watch the clips available on Class Dismissed's page on the CBBC website and episodes on BBC iPlayer.


12 x 15’ sketch comedy

Welcome to the world of Dockbridge High, an ordinary school full of extraordinary characters and the subject of sketch-show-cum-mockumentary Class Dismissed.

Coming back for its third series on CBBC, Class Dismissed is be shot to look like a fixed rig observational documentary (Educating Essex/24 Hours in A&E) but is jam-packed with laugh-out-loud, larger-than-life sketch characters of the Little Britain mould.



Mr Capp is an English teacher who is continuously making a fool of himself with this desire to be down with the kids. He knows his subject well but uses street talk and raps to make literary texts seem more current. He’s a sucker for the latest crazes but often gets them slightly wrong and manages to look like he’s anything but cool. His catchphrase is “Banter!”.


Mr Schofield teaches General Studies as if he’s hosting a TV quiz show. He uses various quiz show references, has branded cue cards, introduces himself and treats his pupils as if they are contestants.  The game show element of the sketch needs to feel relevant to what’s already happening in the school ie: using it to choose GCSE options.

Catchphrase: “General Studies, the subject where literally anything could crop up, and often does.

NB: Game shows already covered in the series are: Take Me Out, Deal or No Deal, The Cube, Pointless.



Tammy is a pupil that until now has only ever been seen in the isolation room. She was sent there in the 1980’s after a particularly bad case of talking back. She is played by an adult, but has a very childish mind, anyone she meets instantly becomes her best friend. She loves ponies and Jason Donovan. She has no grasp of social etiquette or personal boundaries.

In series 3 we’d like to see her finally released from isolation and sitting in the Year 8 class. Her excitement for life should annoy other people and get her into trouble, but she’ll do anything to avoid being sent back into isolation.

NB: Be careful not to make her insane or creepy in any way. She’s childishly naïve. Please also avoid Jason Donovan references, but she can have a new crush.

MRS TUCKER - DINNER LADY                                     

Think Big Mo from Eastenders, Mrs Tucker is a cockney wheeler-dealer who can get you anything you want (mostly lunch related). She does a fine line as the go-between in trades – if you want to swap your satsuma for a chocolate bar she’s your woman. Also plies the latest food fads (acai berries anyone?) up-selling their deliciousness. Wears a tabard full of goodies that fell off the back of a lorry. Appears out of nowhere.

NB: areas to be careful of – she must swap items rather than steal them – no theft please! Please steer clear of issue around weight and eating disorders. If she’s selling spirulina it’s for its supposed deliciousness or celeb status, not its weight-loss benefits.



This character can be male or female and needs to be really gross in some way. Their sketches should build up to a big moment that is visual and messy. They shouldn’t be offensive in any way but the pupils should be freaked out by how gross this teacher is.

NB: Sweat, farting and sneezing all over the class have already been covered, so please steer clear of these.

Before submitting your sketch please read the full terms and conditions

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