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Number 1. A nation once again, Wolfe Tones  listen Listen

The Wolfe Tones are one of Ireland's most famous folk bands. They recorded A Nation once again in 1964. The song was written in the 1840s as a call for Irish independence.


Number 2. Vande Mataram, Various artists  listen Listen

A patriotic Hindi song, the lyrics from a very famous poem written by Bankim Chandra Chatarji. Regarded by many as India's national song. Performed in the 50's film "Anand Math".


Number 3. Dil Dil Pakistan, Vital Signs  listen Listen

Vital Signs' first real taste of success was "Dil Dil Pakistan" in 1987. It instantly became the song that was on everyone's lips, a kind of pop national anthem. Next was their debut album: Vital Signs, released in 1989 it produced several hits including Gori, Yeh Shaam and Samjana.


Number 4. Rakkamma Kaiya Thattu, llayaraaja  listen Listen

Performed by S. P. Balasubramaniam and Swarnalatha, Rakkamma Kayya Thattu, this song is from the movie "Thalapathy", an Indian version of the God-father. The musical director of the film was Ilayaraaja.


Number 5. Poovum Nadakkuthu Pinchum Nadakkuthu, Thirumalai Chandran  listen Listen

From the Tamil Tiger Film "Mugungal" about the Tamil plight in Sri Lanka.


Number 6. Ana wa Laila, (Me and Laila) Kazem El Saher  listen Listen

Tall, dark and handsome, Kazem Al-Saher is arguably the biggest pop star to come out of Iraq. Ana wa Laila, his most famous song is about his love for Laila. pop star to come out of Iraq. This, a song from the early part of his career (late 90's) is about his tortured love for Laila.


Number 7.Reetu haruma timi hariyali basant hau nadihruma timi pabitra ganga hau, Arun Thapa  listen Listen

A very romantic song the title of which means "You are the spring amongst the seasons". From one of Nepal's biggest pop stars. The Late Thapa died in 1999. He had been suffering from lung and liver ailment. He started his singing career approximately 30 years ago when he first sang his songs in Radio Nepal in 1971. Thapa's songs are popular among all sections of the society.


Number 8. Believe, Cher  listen Listen

Cher is a solo singer who made her name in the 60's as part of a husband and wife singing team but has gone on to have hits in 5 decades. Her song "Believe" was a number 1 single in the UK in 1998 and went on to be the biggest selling single of the year remaining at the top of the UK charts for 7 weeks. Cher is also an Oscar winning film actress appearing in films such as: Mask, Witches of Eastwick and Moonstruck.


Number 9.Chaiyya Chaiyya, A R Rahman  listen Listen
Music director: A R Rahman

From the film "Dil Se", Chaiyya Chaiyya is performed by the Punjabi folk singer Sukhinder Singh. The musical director of the film A R Rahman, is one of Bollywood's top music directors.


Number 10. Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen  listen Listen

The only record to top the UK chart on 2 occasions selling more than 1 million copies each time, first in Nov. '75 and again in Dec.'91. Widely recognised as first pop tune to have its own video, this six minute pop opera regularly tops polls in UK.

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