The Moon

The Moon


Episode 1

Forty years ago this July, two United States astronauts were the first people to walk on the Moon - the greatest achievement in the history of human exploration.

Three and a half years later, the world had largely lost interest in all things lunar, but today the Moon is very much back in fashion with scientists and space agencies.

Andrew Luck-Baker looks at some of the many mysteries surrounding the Moon still tantalising today's lunar explorers.

How did the Moon form? Is there water either in its deep interior or as ice at its poles? And why is there a man in the Moon?

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First broadcast 28 January 2009

Episode 2

Andrew Luck-Baker investigates mysterious patches of light or colour sometimes seen on the moon's surface. They have been called transient lunar phenomena.

Some scientists wonder whether they are evidence that something volcanic stirs beneath the Moon's dead face. To many others, they are just tricks of the light.

Andrew visits a new robotic telescope on the roof of a New York university designed to establish the truth about these alleged lunar gas eruptions.

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First broadcast 4 February 2009

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