Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs


For these two editions of Discovery Andrew Luck-Baker visits the Pacific Islands of Palau - home to one of the greatest coral reef systems on the planet yet the reefs are not immune from pressures such as fishing, pollution and climate change.

Programme 1

In this first programme Andrew joins researchers who have gathered in time for the April full moon to witness one of nature?s most extraordinary displays - the mass spawning of the corals.

In order to try and repair some of the damage being caused by climate change, pollution and other human activity, scientists are frantically working on new projects to try and restore some of our fast disappearing coral reefs- using the coral spawn released at this annual event.

Andrew discovers whether despite their best efforts, this may simply be too little, too late.

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Programme 2

In this second programme Andrew hears from a man who, for a living, follows and spies on tropical fish - and another who wants to immunise corals against the worst effects of global warming.

Andrew reports on some of the latest research aimed at protecting reefs here and elsewhere in the world.

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First broadcast June 2008
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