Need For Speed

Need For Speed


Gareth Mitchell explores our obsession with speed.

Programme 1 - Transport

Gareth asks why the supersonic age of fast travel hasn't taken off.

And he takes a trip to California, for the start of 'speed season', where hundreds of amateur racers gather each year, with their outlandish vehicles, to drive across the desert at up to 300 miles an hour.

What makes people risk their lives in the pursuit of speed?

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Programme 2 - Sport

What's the speed limit of the human body?

A self-confessed armchair sportsman, Gareth puts his own body to the test when he visits a sports science laboratory.

And, with the aid of genetic testing, he'll find out whether he was born to be a short-distance sprinter, or a long-distance runner. Or perhaps neither.

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First broadcast July 2008
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