Human Evolution

Human Evolution


Programme One

We humans have a very prolonged period of development and dependency before we become adult - not far off twice the length of time it takes a chimp to grow up.

Scientists are beginning to understand this and other oddities of human childhood by studying the remains of fossil children from the past few millions years.

Andrew Luck Baker hears about the latest insights.

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First broadcast 11 March 2009

Programme Two

Andrew Luck Baker explores matters of lifespan and death among our early human ancestors.

For much of our evolutionary past, life for people was short and brutal. One of the dangers was being killed and eaten by other people.

Be warned - some listeners might find the descriptions of prehistoric cannibalism in the programme somewhat disturbing.

And when did our ancestors start to bury and honour their dead with rituals?

Fossil finds from Ethiopia and Spain suggests the practise goes back more than half a million years.

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First broadcast 18 March 2009
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