The Brain

The Brain


A three part series looking into the mind.

The brain is the most complex yet least understood organ of the body. It controls everything we do yet scientists are decades away from understanding it fully.

Programme 1

Pamela Rutherford looks at how the brain goes wrong and meets the woman who can't recognise faces, the man who paints all day long and she talks to the scientists who are studying them to reveal more about the workings of the brain.

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First broadcast 30th September 2008

Programme 2

What if it was possible to read someone's mind, their exact thoughts by reading out their patterns of brain activity?

Pamela Rutherford explores how rapid advances in brain scanning technology has started to get a window on some of our innermost thoughts; from predicting our intentions to interpreting the meaning of exactly what we're thinking about.

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First broadcast 7th October 2008

Programme 3

Vivienne Parry reports on the new realisation that there are similarities between physical and mental pain.

In the past the pain of heart break has never been thought of in the same way as the physical pain of childbirth or breaking a leg. But that's all changed thanks to scanning technology. Vivienne Parry talks to those who are using these findings to help people with depression and heartbreak overcome their emotional pain.

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First broadcast 14th October 2008
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