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11 May
Joseph Nye, Diane Wei Liang and Lord Bikhu Parekh


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In this programme, armed with soft power, a complex identity and the skills of a master sleuth, we trace the fine line between leaders and followers, between the world and the self, and between survival and betrayal in modern day China.

Meet the guests


Joseph Nye is former Dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and an acclaimed international relations scholar who has pioneered the theory of "soft power" in world politics. He talks about the new type of leadership he believes is needed in the 21st century.

Diane Wei Liang is a best selling Chinese-born detective novelist whose latest book is called Paper Butterfly, a sequel to The Eye of Jade. She tells us how she uses the genre of crime fiction as a tool to dissect modern Chinese history.

Lord Bikhu Parekh is one of Britain's leading thinkers on multiculturalism and identity. He talks about his new book A New Politics of Identity. In it he discusses the relationship between reason and identity and the contradictions and conflicts between the two. He argues that this is the conflict that goes to the heart of moral and political philosophy.

60 Second Idea to Change the World


In this programme author Diane Wei Liang steps into the hot seat to present her 60 second idea.

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