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Tips for short story writing

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Tips for short story writers


Need help with writing your story?

Then have a look at these tips for writers and follow the related links.

Don't forget to keep listening to World Book Club, The Word and Off the Shelf for inspiration.

• Enjoy the process of writing!

• Start small, and go for detail.

• Learn to look and use objects around you for inspiration.

• Try to use suggestiveness and gestures to give a sense of character and story.

• Research : avoid making factual errors when you describe an object or place.

• Beginnings and endings should have a powerful impact – try to revisit them.

• Work on your dialogue - by listening whenever you are with other people.

• Read some of your writing out loud - How does it sound?

• Get straight into the story. Something has to happen.

• Look at a critical point in someone’s life or focus on heightened moments.

• Make sure the story is carefully observed and quickly told.

• Leave the reader thinking - perhaps with a surprise twist.

More tips on how to write a short story can be found here.

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