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The five winning stories were broadcast in January 2006. Click here to listen to the stories.

An armless tailor goes to find work in the big city, and while chasing dreams of glory on the football pitch, he meets a mob.
The Phoenix
The Phoenix by Adrian Igoni Barrett in Ibadan, Nigeria

Adrian Igoni Barrett was born in Nigeria in 1979, the son of a Jamaican father and a Nigerian mother. He attended the University of Ibadan.

His first book, a collection of short stories titled From Caves of Rotten Teeth, is to be published soon.

Read the story (pdf)
The Phoenix was broadcast on 2 January 2006 and read by Jude Akuwudike

A father rushes his young daughter to hospital, fearing he will be charged with neglect or abuse.
His Daughter
His Daughter by Meryl Trussler in Kent, UK.

Merryl Trusser is a sixth-form student at Dover Grammar School for Girls, where she is studying for her English Literature A-Level (among a few filler subjects).

She lives in a little village by the coast, where she survives on a steady diet of tea and novels, and when she's older she hopes to be an author or an editor.

Read the story (pdf)
His Daughter was broadcast on 3 January 2006 and was read by David Thorpe.

A young girl longing for hairclips she can't afford becomes the subject of a photograph.
Bright Pink Butterfly Clips
Bright Pink Butterfly Clips by Subashree Krishnaswamy in Chennai, India.

Subashree Krishnaswamy edited the Indian Review of Books, a monthly magazine devoted to reviews of books, for a number of years. She is currently writing the Babel Guide to South Indian Fiction in Translation. She is also translating into English fiction and poetry written in Tamil.

This is the first time she has submitted her creative fiction for publication.

Read the story (pdf)
Bright Pink Butterfly Clips was broadcast on 4 January 2006 and read by Rani Moorthy

A deaf teenager is given a surprise by a girl he thinks is mad.
Big Ears Learns to Listen
Big Ears Learns to Listen by Thom Costello of London, UK.

Thom Costello is 18 years old and lives in Lewisham in South London. He currently attends Langley Park Boys School, where he is in the Upper Sixth studying English and Politics.

He enjoys writing, rugby, rock climbing and stand-up comedy.

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Big Ears Learns to Listen was broadcast on 5 January 2006 and read by Thomas Morrison

A sister gives advice to her younger sister who is about to get married.
Last Minute Grooming
Last Minute Grooming by Chaltone Tshabangu of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Chaltone Tshabangu was born 34 years ago in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He started writing when he was in grade six, but it was the British Council sponsored Crossing Borders project, under professor Graham Mort, that really changed his whole attitude - a rewarding experience.

His mentor was Valerie Bloom and she was a great help, encouraging Chaltone to experiment with writing in a woman's voice.

Read the story (pdf)
Last Minute Grooming was broadcast on 6 January 2006 and read by Noma Dumezweni.
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