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Historic moments from the 2000s


2000 - US election fiasco

Protesting US voters
It was one of the closest American presidential elections in history and TV networks like ABC announced that Al Gore had won, not George W Bush. Months after the election, there was much soul-searching in the media about the coverage of elections and whether speed or accuracy should be the priority.

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2001 - World Trade Centre attack

World Trade Center tower burns
There can't be many people in the world who don't remember where they were when the events of 9/11 started to unfold. By the time the second plane hit the World Trade Center in New York City, there can't have been many TV stations around the world which hadn't switched their coverage to Manhattan.

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2002 - Daniel Pearl murdered

Murdered journalist Daniel Pearl
Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was abducted by Islamist extremists in Pakistan who made many demands in exchange for his freedom. They also wanted publicity and the internet gave them this when they posted a gruesome video of his beheading on the web. That year, 25 journalists were killed around the world.

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2003 - Invasion of Iraq

Iraqis celebrate as Allied troops take Baghdad
The US and its allies took Baghdad within three weeks of invading Iraq. However, Saddam Hussein's information minister Mohammed Sayeed al Sahaf, aka Chemical Ali strongly denied this even though TV cameras showed American tanks across the Tigris from where he was holding a press conference.

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2004 - Asian Tsunami

Flooded streets after the tsunami
When an earthquake in the Indian Ocean was followed by a massive tsunami, there were no journalists ready and waiting to record events. Most of videos from that day were taken by tourists in beachside hotels. This showed news organisations the potential of mobile technology.

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2005 - Andijan massacre

Princess Diana being interviewed by the BBC
For weeks Uzbeks, had been demonstrating peacefully against their government. When soldiers sealed off the Andijan's central square, mobile phones were protestors' only means of reaching the outside world. Around 500 people were killed. The government claimed it was misrepresented, but the recordings of phone calls can't be denied.

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2006 - Burmese discontent

Burmese protestor
The hugely lavish wedding for the daughter of General Than Shwe, the senior leader in Burma's military regime was an affront to ordinary Burmese. The rising discontent exploded in widespread demonstrations in August and September 2007 when some people were killed and thousands more beaten and arrested.

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2007 - Kidnap of Alan Johnston

Soldiers bearing Princess Diana's coffin
As a foreign journalist in Gaza the BBC's Alan Johnston could be seen as representing western interests. He was kidnapped in early March and was released after 114 days. Alan is lucky to be free, as around the world, hundreds of journalists languish in cells, some imprisoned by repressive governments, others by criminals or extremists.

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