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Last updated: 31 August, 2007 - Published 16:09 GMT
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The BBC's first ever in-world outside broadcast
Shopping for shoes in Second Life.
Madz goes shopping.
The World Today has always brought you news from around the world, Shanghai, Burma, USA, Congo . . even the North Pole.

On Monday 3rd September The World Today performed an outside broadcast from inside Second Life.

Intrepid presenter Madeline Morris, in the guise of her in-world persona Madz Kohime, delivers live interviews, exclusive on air chats, walkabouts and packages all from the virtual world created by Linden Labs.

 Our challenge is to scale this from 9m people registered, and a couple of hundred thousand people a day using it, to hundreds of millions of people routinely using it; which I think it can and will reach.
Philip Rosedale, CEO Linden Labs.

Episode #1: Madz is romanced in a rose-strewn paradise.

Hear Madz as she is teleported by her guides into a wonderful world of roses, latin lovers and cruise ships crewed by people in fox form.

Episode #2: Linden Labs CEO Philip Rosedale.

The BBC's virtual studio.
The BBC's virtual studio.

Episode #3: Does disability in real life carry into Second Life?

Some groups say they have benefited from Second Life. Simon Stevens has cerebral palsy and runs a successful business online, Madz asked him what kind of liberties Second Life gives the disabled?

Any problems with Second Life?
 In general, for an average person there's not a whole lot to do.
Kristina Dell.

Episode #4: View from a sceptic.

However, not everyone is proclaiming the world domination of virtual environments. In fact, Time Magazine recently nominated Second Life as being one of its top five sites to avoid. Madz asked Kristina Dell, technology reporter at Time magazine, what she saw as most disappointing about Second Life:

First broadcast 3rd September.

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