05 December, 2005 - Published 05:07 GMT

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Wednesday 7th December

The US says there has been intimidation of the opposition in the Egyptian elections and that casts doubt on Egypt's commitment to democratic reform. Given the close nature of relations between Cairo and Washington will the Egyptian government will be worried?

This week, cinema audiences around the world can see the first instalment in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", based on the classic childrens book by the late British author C.S.Lewis. In the USA his popularity is growing all the time, especially among devout Christians. But might the Narnia films prove too religious for some other movie-goers?

Broccoli, like it or hate it, is good for you, according to scientists. Now they've developed super-broccoli which is even better for you.

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Tuesday 6th December

The allegations about so-called extraordinary renditions won't go away. Condoleezza Rice is in Germany and will face questions. Hear a debate among international lawyers about the legality of the issue.

The showpiece event in the British arts world, The Turner Prize, has been awarded to Simon Starling and his shed. Hear from the artist and a discussion between a French and British curator about what makes art.

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Monday 5th December

Governing party officials in Venezuela say they believe that President Hugo Chavez and his allies have won all of the seats in the country's national assembly. Senior opposition politicians called for a boycott of the poll. We hear from both sides.

The US Secretary of State,Condoleeza Rice and will face awkward questions in Germany on Monday over so-called `rendition' flights - when suspected Islamic terrorists and are detained and transferred by plane to countries where they can be interrogated outside the protection of US law. We ask what is the scale of the rendition programme?

Lesotho has just gained a very unwelcome distinction - it has now become the country with the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in the world. We have a special report.

From Monday gay marriages will be legal in Britain. We've been speaking to one couple from south London who'll be taking advantage of the new law.

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