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Inside journalism
Inside journalism
Inside journalism
"Accuracy, fairness and impartiality are at the heart of all the BBC's journalism, irrespective of the language or the medium we use to reach our audiences". Nigel Chapman, Director BBC World Service.
Reflecting a range of thought in a balanced and unbiased way.
Getting the facts right, researching and using archive material.
Treating all our contributors fairly. Respecting people and cultures.
Providing our audience
with dignified
independently from
commercial interests.
 Orla Guerin, Jerusalem Correspondent, looks at conflict in the Middle East
 John Simpson, World Affairs Editor, discusses the coverage of war in Iraq
 Asif Maroof, Kabul Editor Persian Service, on Afghanistan's ethnic groups
 Kate Adie, former Chief News Correspondent, reflects on being an eyewitness
 Fouad Razek, Head of News Arabic Service, discusses accuracy in language
 our handbook to good journalism
 Inside BBC Journalism: Chinese
 Inside BBC Journalism: Polish
 Inside BBC Journalism: Spanish
Impartiality | Accuracy and truth | Fairness and privacy | Respect | Independence
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