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The Last Vet in Sierra Leone

The street dogs of Freetown, Sierra Leone

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Dr Gudush Jalloh is the last qualified private vet in Sierra Leone.

Although there are a handful of government vets employed by the Ministry of Agriculture they mostly deal with technical data.

So if you have a sick dog, cat, monkey, or goat, Dr Gudush is the only person in the West African country to whom you can really turn.

His family were traditionally nomadic cattle herders of the Fula tribe, but he trained to become a vet in Moscow.

It was when his brother died after being bitten by a rabid dog that Dr Gudush knew he must follow his true vocation.

He now lives and works in the capital city, Freetown where he has started a vaccination programme to keep the population of stray dogs under control.

Lucy Ash spoke to Dr Jalloh about his work, and he began by explaining why he originally decided to become a vet.

Dr Gudush Jalloh

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