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Flying high

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Libbie Escolme-Schmidt in her flying days

Libbie Escolme-Schmidt in her flying days

It's hard to imagine flying as being glamorous in this day and age.

You file through immigration, have numerous security checks and then find a seat in economy, hoping there's enough leg room and that you won't be sitting next to someone who snores and dribbles for the duration of a 17 hour flight.

It wasn't always this way. In the early days of air travel, only very rich people were able to fly. The industry was considered very glamorous and the air hostesses were expected to match this image.

Libbie Escolme-Schmidt was a stewardess at the time. She's collected stories from fellow stewardesses and turned them into a book called 'Glamour in the Skies'.

Libbie came into the Outlook studios to chat to Jonathan Charles about her experiences - including the time she had to deal with one very slippery customer.

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