This week on The Forum

This week on The Forum

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Shobana Jeyasingh, Richard Bronk, Bridget Kendall and James Lovelock

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James Lovelock, the scientist who invented the Gaia theory to describe our planet as a self regulating living system, warns that the earth is heating up far faster than predicted in his book The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning.

Economist Richard Bronk says traditional economic models are far too rational and that we should turn to the Romantic poets for some creative balance in his book The Romantic Economist: Imagination in Economics.

And making sense of the world through dance - how does a choreographer manipulate the human body to communicate? Shobana Jeyasingh shares her insights. Her new work Just Add Water premieres in May at The Royal Opera House in London.

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Each week one guest presents an idea to enhance the world. This week it's the turn of economist Richard Bronk. He advises that everyone take heed of the traditional Greek dictum ‘moderation in all things, nothing in excess’. These words were carved on the temple of Apollo in Ancient Delphi and Richard believes we should hang them above our beds today and chant them to ourselves each morning. Is this idea too theoretical or can it work in practice?

Your comments...

What a treat to hear James Lovelock - rational,modest,understated clarity. Very rare. Of course questions of whether a species deserves to survive or not are not within his remit. But just suppose, if it were possible for the whole population of homo sapiens to vanish from the planet in an instant 'and leave not a wrack behind' how long would it take the planet with its wealth of diversity and ingenuity to survive?

I am glad you did include James Lovelock. I honestly think he is not exactly right in his analyses (his dismissal of complexity theory points out the way) nevertheless things will probably go very badly in coming decades. I hope this high profile publicity will raise other experts from their academic shells. Still the Kubler-Ross model always creeps into the mind when thinking about the current situation.

Dialectical materialism answers all your questions you presented tonight . James Lovelock is probably right in what he says. Your adherence to impressionism and 'theories out of appearances' will get you nowhere. James was right to mock your economists attempts to 'model'. Dialectical Materialism predicted this economic crisis just like it can predict 'in general' the outcome of the world economy and the interrelation with global warming .

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