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 What it takes
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Activist: someone who does things to bring about political or social changes
ANC: African National Congress, an African liberation movement which focused on the interests of Black and minority peoples in South Africa
Aggressive: behave in a forceful or angry way which can make others feel threatened
Apartheid: a political system in which people of different races are kept apart by Law
Articulate: able to express yourself well and clearly
Assassinate: to murder someone as a political act
Brutalised: if someone is brutalised by an experience, it can make them cruel or violent
Cabinet: group of the most senior ministers in a government
Campaign: a set of activities planned to achieve something like social or political change
Candidate: someone being considered for a job or post
Categorise: to divide people into sets according to your view of them
Cliché: an idea or phrase which has been over-used so it no longer has any effect
Coalition: a group consisting of people from different political or social groups who are co-operating
Commissioner: important official in the Commission or organisation
Common touch: able to relate well to ordinary people
Compromise: an agreement in which people agree to accept less than they originally wanted
Consensus: general agreement amongst a group of people
Constituency: an area for which someone is elected as a representative in parliament
Delegation: group of people chosen to represent a larger group of people
Destiny: the force which some people believe controls the things that happen to you
Discrimination: the practice of treating one person/group of people less well or fairly than other people or groups
Dynasty: series of rulers of a country who are all part of the same family
Elite: group of the most powerful, rich or talented people in society
Empowerment: to have the power or authority to do something
Fumble: here: to try to find your way when you're inexperienced- if you fumble with something, you handle it clumsily
Gender: characteristic of being male or female
Glass ceiling: the invisible "roof" which prevents women from gaining higher or more powerful positions
grassroots: the ordinary people, rather than the leaders
House arrest: if someone is under house arrest, they are not allowed to leave their home - a kind of punishment
Humanitarian: someone or something which tries to avoid making people suffer
Legalise: if something is legalised, a law is passed that makes it legal
Martial law: law administered by military forces in an emergency
Mná na hÉireann: the women of Ireland (Gaelic)
Networking: the practice of meeting other people involved in the same kind of work, to share information and support each other
Outspoken: to give opinions openly, not concerned if those views shock people
Pacesetters: people who set the pace - the first to achieve something
Parameters: factors or limits which affect the way something is done or made
Participate: take part in something, in an activity
Patriarchal: society or system in which men have all or most of the power and importanc
Queen Bee syndrome: women who try to keep all the power to themselves and don't help other
Quotas: a fixed proportion of people from certain groups (ie women) who are permitted to do something (such as enter government)
Resistance: the act of fighting for what you believe in
Role Model: a person whose behaviour you admire and may copy or use as inspiration, who sets an example for others through their achievement
Reshuffle: reorganisation of people and their roles especially in government
Senate: the smaller and more important of two councils in the government of some countries
solitary confinement: when you are held in prison separately from other prisoners
Stereotype: if you stereotype someone you form a fixed idea of them and assume they will behave in that way
Streetfighter: literally someone who fights on the streets, meaning someone who is not afraid to take their political battles "to the streets"
Suffrage: the right to vote for a government or national leader
throw your hat in the ring: indicate your willingness to take up a particular challenge
Usurp: if you usurp someone's title or position, you take it from them when you have no right to do so
Vindicate: when someone is vindicated, their ideas or actions are proved right or worthwhile
wheeler dealing: a kind of networking associated with men trying to get what they want (for example meeting up in a bar after work to make deals)