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Liberation Voices
My century considers the power of political oratory and song last century.
Martin Luther King The Promised Land
The American civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King made his last speech at the Mason Temple in Memphis, Tennessee in 1968. Luther Ivory was a teenager, and went to the Temple to hear him that night. The next day Dr King was assassinated, and Luther Ivory's life changed forever.
Naila Zaman Khan

Singing For Bangladesh
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In 1971 Naila Zaman Khan joined a singing troupe to travel round India and raise the spirits of millions of refugees fleeing the war in her own country. She says she made a modest contribution to the birth of Bangladesh.

Simon Hirshman Passion Flower
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Simon Hirshman fought against Franco in the Spanish Civil War of 1937 in the international brigade. He met La Pasionaria - the Passion Flower - otherwise known as Dolores Ibarruri, the extraordinary woman who won her name with her fiery oratory rallying the anti-fascist forces during the war.
Hugh Maselela Music Against Apartheid
Audio Listen
Hugh Masekela was given his first trumpet by Bishop Trevor Huddlestone in the townships of South Africa. He went on to play with Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davies, and in exile he fought against apartheid with his music. Here he talks about the inspiration for his famous song Stimela - about the train taking migrant workers to South Africa's coal mines.
Andreas Castro Bernal & Oswaldo Torres

The Cuban Revolution
Audio Listen
Andres Castillo Bernal was born in 1945 at Sancti Spiritus, which is the geographical centre of Cuba. He studied history at the University of Havana - and as a student remembers taking President Fidel Castro to a coffee shop where they talked until one in the morning. Andres is a journalist and author of several books about the revolution. His friend Oswaldo Torres (on the right of the photograph) was Andres' translator for his My Century.
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