Were war crimes committed in Gaza?

Were war crimes committed in Gaza?

Now that foreign reporters have been allowed into Gaza and can move around freely asking questions, more information may come out concerning the effects of the Israeli bombardment.

A UN-run school in northern Gaza which was bombed on 17 January 2009

It is not clear whether these bombings were war crimes

Several UN officials have suggested that some particular attacks, especially on UN-run schools, might constitute war crimes.

The latest international organisation to make that allegation is Amnesty International. Donatella Rovera is its head of research.

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It may be easy to make the allegation, particularly when so many civilians have been killed, but what exactly is a war crime?

How can alleged perpetrators of war crimes be brought to justice?

Dr Hugo Slim is the author of a book on the subject and a leading academic in humanitarian studies.

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First broadcast 20 January 2009

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