Chinese captain tells of pirate fight

Chinese captain tells of pirate fight

Listen Listen to Captain Peng (speaking through a translator) (4 mins 33 secs)

A crew member on the Zhenhua 4 ship, making firebombs

The crew made hand-made firebombs to fend off the pirates

A Chinese ship attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia has defended itself with the help of international forces.

The pirates tried to seize the Zhenhua 4 on 17th December, but they were not counting on the valiant defence led by Captain Peng and his crew in a four-hour battle at the end of which international forces came to their aid.

Having escaped the pirates, the Zhenhua 4 is now somewhere in the Indian Ocean, from where Captain Peng came through on a satellite phone. He was asked how it all began.

First broadcast 19 December 2008