Ugandan peace deal in doubt

Ugandan peace deal in doubt

As the deadline for a peace deal between the government of Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army approaches, the big question is whether the LRA leader, Joseph Kony, will turn up to sign it.

Ugandan Foreign Minister, Sam Kutesa

Mr Kutesa is hoping to sign a peace agreement soon

So far, he has refused to do so because of an International Criminal Court indictment in force against him.

Meanwhile, as many as a thousand LRA fighters have been driven out of Uganda and are now operating in eastern DR Congo.

There they have been accused of killing, raping and stealing children, just like they used to in northern Uganda itself.

The Ugandan Foreign Minister, Sam Kutesa, is currently in London.

LRA leader, Joseph Kony (archive photo)

Mr Kony is refusing to sign until his ICC case is dropped

The World Today's Fergus Nicoll asked him if he now sees any serious obstacles in the way of a peace deal with the LRA.

Listen Listen to Sam Kutesa (2 mins 23 secs)

Watch Watch Mr Kutesa speak about the prospects for a peace deal (37 secs)

Dr David Nyekorach-Matsanga is the chief LRA spokesman and head of the LRA negotiating team.

Max Pearson asked him whether the LRA was ready to sign the peace deal?

Listen Listen to David Nyekorach-Matsanga (3 mins 3 secs)

The BBC's Rob Walker was asked whether there was any way out of this situation?

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First broadcast 25 November 2008