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The Handy Guide to the Gurus of Management
A series that examines the roles and teachings of Business Gurus, with text, audio and an explanation of common management terms.


Charles Handy guides you through the lives and works of his choice of management gurus.

Charles Handy
Charles Handy was, for many years, a professor at the London Business School. He is now an independent writer and broadcaster. He describes himself, these days, as a social philosopher.

Peter Drucker
Peter Drucker is thought of around the world as the seminal thinker, writer, and lecturer on the contemporary organization.

Tom Peters
Tom Peters is not a philosopher or a social historian like Peter Drucker. He no longer has any all-embracing theories of the world of organisations nor any formulas for change but he gets under the skin of an organisation.

Warren Bennis
Warren Bennis has devoted most of his life to the study of leaders of every description.

Sumantra Ghoshal
For his popularity and influence among the leaders of business, The Economist magazine named Ghoshal as one of the Eurogurus.

Kenichi Ohmae
Kenichi Ohmae made his mark twenty years ago with his book on corporate strategy. It is still a collection of good sense and clear advice, even though some of the examples may now seem a bit dated.

Gary Hamel
In their book, "Competing for the Future", which came out in 1995. Hamel and Prahalad start off by pointing out that you can improve your results in two ways: by cutting your costs, or by increasing your outputs.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Rosabeth goes into leading-edge corporations, learns from them and then serves up what she's learnt in nicely digestible messages for the rest of us.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates is an outstanding example of another sort of guru, the guru who preaches more by deeds than by words. He revels in change and draws inspiration from a crisis.

Ricardo Semler
Ricardo Semler, author and business manager, is celebrated as a role model of a Chief Executive who breaks all the traditional rules and succeeds, massively.

Michael Porter
Porter suggested that one of the strategies managers can choose from to gain competitive advantage is to offer something special or different which would allow you to command a premium price.

Fons Trompenaar and Charles Hampden Turner
For twenty years these two academics, a cross-cultural Anglo-Dutch partnership, have been interviewing managers around the world, giving them questionnaires to answer, conducting seminars and advising their companies.

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