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Insight Plus
Insight Plus is your guide to the language and key issues in the news. This is another chance to hear the popular series, first broadcast in 2001 (Insight Plus: Parts 1-7) and 2003 (The Big Story: Parts 8-17).

Part 1
In this first episode, we look at the rise of big global brands - companies which see the entire world as their market and whose advertising and look and feel are the same from one country to another.

Part 2
We talk about the language used to report on human rights and gain insight into some of the laws that exist to protect people.

Part 3
We look at the language used to report on global warming and climate change.

Part 4
We talk about money and financial markets and explore how the stock markets work.

Part 5
We discuss cloning. How far should science go to help the sick and the suffering?

Part 6
Oil makes our world go round...they call it 'black gold'. In this programme, we explore why it's so important.

Part 7
Drugs play a central role in many people’s lives... they destroy some and make others wealthy and powerful. The illegal drug trade is the topic of this episode.

Part 8
Water ... Do we have enough of it? Can this precious resource be the cause of future wars?

Part 9
This week's "big story" has a medical theme - we focus on HIV/AIDS.

Part 10
"Information and communications technology", the "information society", the "digital divide" - these terms have become buzz words in the modern world. But what do they all mean?

Part 11
"Globalisation" is a buzzword in our news bulletins. We take a look at the pros and cons of this phenomenon.

Part 12
International security: we are focusing on some of the issues and, of course, the language behind the topic.

Part 13
Our focus is - migration and how it is reported in the news.

Part 14
What is free trade - and does it actually exist anywhere?

Part 15
The term 'fundamentalist' has been discussed a lot in recent years and - it seems to be linked with Islam rather than other religions. We’ll find out why those connections have been made - and whether they're fair.

Part 16
The United Nations has a central role in international politics. But how many of us really understand how the UN works?

Part 17
GM, or genetically modified, food is so hotly debated that it's hard to imagine a time when GM crops weren't controversial. Find out how the attitudes to GM food have changed over time - and why.

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