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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


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- Keeping fit

Keeping fit

Keeping fit


Today, Friday April 7th, is World Health Day, a day for raising awareness of health issues around the world.

In this programme Callum uncovers what BBC Learning English staff do to keep fit and talks to a man who goes to the gym every day, gym manager Rodney Mitchell.

You can download the complete programme script as well as the audio in mp3 format from the extras section below.

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Vocabulary from the programme

to do something sporadically
(to do something) very irregularly, not often

to do something like clockwork
to do something regularly, usually at the same time

doing exercises in a gym

resistance training
weight training - lifting heavy weights to build up your muscles

short for 'cardio-vascular exercises'. Exercises designed to help your heart and lungs

a session
a period of training in a day

(to be) obese
to be so overweight that it can cause medical problems

the energy we get from food.

If you eat more calories than you use in a day, you will put on weight.

a feeling of well-being
when you feel healthy and good about yourself

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