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Unit 6: Eating Out

John and Fiona go to east London for something to eat. They go to a curry house in Brick Lane - an area well known for its history of immigrant communities. Today, it is populated by a Bangladeshi community that has popularised Indian restaurants in the area.

This unit will help you with the following;
Ordering a meal in a restaurant (an Indian meal!)
Learning about the immigrant history of London.
Practising the word stress of food items.
Listen 1: Going out to a restaurant
Indian restaurant
John persuades Fiona to go out with him one evening for a curry. They have been for a few drinks in east London and decide to go to Brick Lane for something to eat. This is an area famous for restaurants where you can buy a curry.
Listen 2: Ordering a meal
John and Fiona are in an Indian restaurant in Brick Lane. They are looking at the menu and discussing what they want to order.
Read 1: Eating out in Brick Lane in east London
Brick Lane
There is a large Bangladeshi community in east London and many restaurants with an Indian theme. Read more about the ethnic mix of people in east London and the area around Brick Lane.
Speak 1: Word stress when talking about food
When talking about food the pronunciation of a specific word can alter depending upon where the stress is placed. Learn how to use the correct stress on various words in this exercise.
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Listen 1: Going out to a restaurant
Listen 2: Ordering a meal
Read 1: Eating out in Brick Lane in east London
Speak 1: Word stress when talking about food
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