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Learning English - Welcome to London Big Ben
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Unit 5: Work
Read  1: Job applications
Job advice
There are many part time, but relatively low paid, casual jobs in London. A popular place to search for jobs is the internet. The job adverts provide various amounts of information regarding pay and conditions. It's up to you to ring or email the company to find out more.
Instructions for exercise
Click on the link below to open the exercise document in a new window. You will need to keep refering to this document to answer the questions below, so it would be useful to print it out.
  Read the exercise document
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Language tips - vocabulary
graduate - someone who has just finished university
CV - Curriculum Vitae (resume) your details of qualifications and experience
salespeople - people who sell things
full training given - someone will teach you how to do the job
contract - the paper you sign when you start the job
full time / part time - working all week or just some of the week
au pair - looks after children
chef - a cook
experience required - you must have done the job before
secretary - admin office worker
receptionist - answers the phone
barber - a men's hairdresser
applicants - someone who applies for a job
interview - talk to the future employer
ambitious - wants to have a better job in the future
waiting staff - work in a restaurant and bring you your food

Unit 1: Transport
  Unit 2: Hotel
  Unit 3: Cinema
  Unit 4: Shopping
  Unit 5: Work
Listen 1: Talking about work conditions (part 1)
Listen 2: Talking about work conditions (part 2)
Read 1: Job applications
Speak 1: Pronouncing 'have to'
Unit 6: Eating Out