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Unit 5: Work
Listen  1: Talking about work conditions (part 1)
Fiona and John
Because she is staying in London for an extended period of time Fiona has had to find herself a part time job as a waitress. She meets up with John, who is keen to know more about her work.
Instructions for exercise
Listen to the dialogue by pressing the play button below (play). When you have heard it, drag the sentences into the white boxes in the correct order. Use the language tips at the bottom of the page to help you.
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Language tips - vocabulary
a shift - a period of work in the day or night e.g. nurse, factory workers etc.
a day off - a day not working
tips - extra money given by customers for waiters, taxi drivers etc
to earn money - to get money from work

Language tips - grammar
Talking about obligations

When we talk about obligation we use have to, don't have to or do you have to...?
"I have to do 6 shifts a week."
"Do you have to work long hours?"
"I don't have to work every weekend."

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  Unit 5: Work
Listen 1: Talking about work conditions (part 1)
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