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Unit 5: Work

Fiona has found a job as a waitress in a London restaurant. She meets up with John who is keen to know more about her new job.

This unit will help you with the following;
Talking about work
Using 'has / have to' to talk about obligation
Using 'should' to talk about advice
Reading short job advertisements
Listening to and practising the pronunciation of 'have to'
Listen 1: Talking about work conditions (part 1)
Because she is staying in London for an extended period of time Fiona has had to find herself a part time job as a waitress. She meets up with John, who is keen to know more about her work.
Listen 2: Talking about work conditions (part 2)
Fiona is telling John about her part time job as a waitress. She tells him about the various rules and obligations that her job involves.
Read 1: Job applications
There are many part-time, but relatively low paid, casual jobs in London. A popular place to search for jobs is the internet. The job adverts provide various amounts of information regarding pay and conditions. It's up to you to ring or email the company to find out more.
Speak 1: Pronouncing 'have to'
In the Listen 1 exercise, 'Talking about work conditions', there are several examples of how "have to" is pronounced when talking about obligations. Try to repeat the pronunciation in this exercise.
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  Unit 5: Work
Listen 1: Talking about work conditions (part 1)
Listen 2: Talking about work conditions (part 2)
Read 1: Job applications
Speak 1: Pronouncing 'have to'
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