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Unit 4: Shopping
Read  2: Oxford Street crime
National Film Theatre
Though Oxford Street has a reputation for pickpockets it is very unlikely that a tourist would become a victim of crime. Here are some common scams and tips to avoid becoming a victim yourself.
Instructions for exercise
Click on the link below to open the exercise document in a new window. You will need to keep refering to this document to answer the questions below, so it would be useful to print it out.
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Language tips - vocabulary
to rob someone - to steal something from someone
a victim of crime - someone who suffers from a crime
pickpocket - someone who steals from your bag or pocket - you don't see it!
to distract someone - to get their attention so they don’t see what is happening
suspenders and stockings - women wear them on their legs
a diversion tactic - something to get someone's attention
accomplice - someone who helps a criminal
scam - a clever but dishonest plan to steal something
conman - a dishonest salesman

Unit 1: Transport
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  Unit 4: Shopping
Listen 1: Buying a pair of shoes
Listen 2: Buying some jeans
Read 1: Where to shop in London
Read 2: Oxford Street crime
Speak 1: Using the schwa sound when asking for things
Unit 5: Work
Unit 6: Eating Out
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BBC guide to shopping in London