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Learning English - Welcome to London Big Ben
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Unit 3: Cinema
Speak  1: Using stress to help describe a film
When John and Fiona are talking about the film they have seen they put more stress on certain parts of a sentence to emphasise the point.
Instructions for exercise
Sometimes we want to emphasise what we are saying. We can do this by placing more stress on a word or part of a word. This adds strength to the meaning.
Click on the text to listen to it.
Look out for the text turning red to detect when the stress is used and then try and repeat the pronunciation.

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Unit 1: Transport
  Unit 2: Hotel
  Unit 3: Cinema
Listen 1: Suggesting a night out in London
Listen 2: Deciding what film to see
Listen 3: Talking about the film
Read 1: Reading film reviews
Read 2: Cinemas in London
Speak 1: Using stress to help describe a film
Unit 4: Shopping
Unit 5: Work
Unit 6: Eating Out
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