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Unit 3: Cinema
Read  2: Cinemas in London
National Film Theatre
If you want to go out to the cinema in London you will be spoilt for choice. From cutting edge art-house movies to Hollywood blockbusters, there is something to suit everybody's taste, and wallet.
Instructions for exercise
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Language tips - vocabulary
cinema - the place where you see a film
blockbuster - a big (often Hollywood) movie, which makes a lot of money
art-house or arty - by independent or smaller film makers (often foreign language)
mainstream - a film made for a big audience
premiere - opening night - the first night a film is shown to the public
director - the man who shouts 'Action!'
film festival - lots of new films are shown for a week or two, prizes are given
film maker - someone who makes films
silent classic - an old film with no sound that everyone knows
film star - famous film actor

Unit 1: Transport
  Unit 2: Hotel
  Unit 3: Cinema
Listen 1: Suggesting a night out in London
Listen 2: Deciding what film to see
Listen 3: Talking about the film
Read 1: Reading film reviews
Read 2: Cinemas in London
Speak 1: Using stress to help describe a film
Unit 4: Shopping
Unit 5: Work
Unit 6: Eating Out
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