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Unit 2: Hotel
Listen  2: At the hotel reception (part 2)
Hotel receptionist
John is checking in at his hotel in King's Cross. He asks the receptionist some questions about the hotel.
Instructions for exercise
Listen to the dialogue by pressing the play button below (play). When you have heard it, drag the sentences into the white boxes in the correct order. Use the language tips at the bottom of the page to help you.
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Language tips - vocabulary
the first floor - in Britain, you enter on the ground floor and go up to the first floor, unlike the US where you enter on the first floor
case - suitcase
valuables - things which are expensive or important
locker - a place you can lock things away - like you have at school or the gym

Unit 1: Transport
  Unit 2: Hotel
Listen 1: At the hotel reception (part 1)
Listen 2: At the hotel reception (part 2)
Read 1: In the hotel room
Read 2: Finding a hotel in London
Unit 3: Cinema
Unit 4: Shopping
Unit 5: Work
Unit 6: Eating Out
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