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Watch and Listen - People and places
The People and Places series ran from April 2007 to March 2008
  • Words and politics
    The importance of moving words in a political campaign
  • Xiaolu Guo
    The Chinese writer and film-maker on her work and learning English.
  • Richard Firestone
    An American scientist who has been researching an unusual meteor.
  • Robin Coupland
    Adviser to the Red Cross, who has spent many years as a field surgeon treating victims of landmines.
  • Cooking for all!
    As more and more Britains become obese, the government wants all teenagers to do cooking classes.
  • Pen Hadow
    Explorer Pen Hadow tells us why he would take a six-inch nail to a desert island.
  • Hany El Hamzawy
    A talented young musician plays for us and talks about his life.
  • Speak like a native
    Tips from Penny Dyer, who has coached Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett.
  • Hopes and highlights
    The Learning English team on the highlights of 2007 and their hopes for 2008.
  • Talking about Christmas
    We ask people to desribe their ideal Christmas and their feelings at this time of year.
  • Saris
    What do Indian women think about the modernisation of their traditional dress?
  • Tango
    Christine Denniston has been to Argentina to learn about one of the world's most passionate dances.
  • Barrington Irving Junior
    A Jamaican pilot who has recently become the youngest ever man to fly solo around the globe.
  • Students at Fort Hare
    We travel to the home of South Africa's black intellectual elite.
  • Women and football
    Do the two really go together? We hear from someone who thinks they do.
  • Kilimanjaro
    Despite being born with cystic fibrosis, Joshua Jones has done all sorts of amazing things - such as climbing Kilimanjaro...
  • David Coulthard
    The Formula One star on fast driving and his eating disorder.
  • Tractor Lady
    A Dutch actress who is travelling from Europe to the South Pole... on a tractor!
  • High Jumpers
    Donald Thomas, the new world high jump champion, explains his relaxed approach.
  • Girl Geek Diners
    We got to a London bar with a group of people who are passionate about technology.
  • Meeting penguins
    Meredith Hooper has been to Antarctica to get to know the penguins!
  • Chinese warriors in London
    The director of the British Museum, Neil Macgregor, introduces us to the famous Terracotta Army.
  • The Lipstick blondes
    Suzy Madge leads a group of women who climb mountains.
  • Alexis Kekeh
    Having turned down an incredible opportunity, Alexis tells us why he has no regrets.
  • Molly Dancers
    Tony Forster of the Pig Dyke Molly Dancers tells us about this interesting pastime.
  • Uma Gunasilan
    We meet a Malaysian Indian who tells us all about an important Hindu festival.
  • Sun Hai Nin
    Hai Nin recently won a competition in China to do a two-week study trip in the UK. What will she make of it all?
  • Grow your own
    We hear about a new film, called Grow Your Own, that takes us to a very English place - an allotment.
  • Hoglands
    Hoglands was the home of the famous British artist Henry Moore. His daughter Mary shows us round.
  • Iceland calling
    Artist Katie Paterson speaks to us from an Icelandic lagoon.
  • Taking art to the streets of London
    The director of the National Gallery tells us how he is hanging paintings round the capital.
  • Hypnotist
    Paul McKenna, one of Britain's best known hypnotists, helps people stop smoking, lose weight and overcome their phobias.
  • Pet sitter
    Catherine Brown runs 'Happy Hounds and Cooler Cats', a dog walking and pet care business.
  • Raven master
    Derrick Coyle is a 'beefeater' who looks after the famous ravens at the Tower of London.
  • The funeral director
    Emma Sparre-Slater arranges burial or cremation for people in the Christian faith. How did she come to do this job?
  • Alexandra Kloss
    A talented young musician talks about her studies at the Royal Acadamy of Music.
  • Yuko Haruna
    A road safety campaigner tells us how she became involved and what her hopes for the future are.
  • The Brummie Accent
    We hear from some people in Birmingham who are fed up with criticism of their accent.
  • Sir Robin Knox Johnson
    At 68, the oldest competitor in a sailing race around the world.
  • Kate Moss
    The British model has designed her own range of clothes, and thousands queued for the launch.
  • The Final Frontier
    We find out about a company which sends the ashes of the dead into space.
  • Hina
    Born in London, Hina has lived in several countries. She explains how she sees her nationality.
  • Mahamat Adamou
    Mahamat explains why he left his native Chad and what his plans are for the future.
  • Albert Little
    An American who's given up two years of his life to serve in the US Peace Corps.