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Neil's looking very relaxed and healthy after going on a glamping holiday. Find out what this is in The English We Speak.

A woman pulling a pink suitcase through a field

Would you like to go glamping rather than camping?

The script for this programme

Neil: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak, I'm Neil Edgeller.

Feifei: And I'm Feng Feifei. Neil you're looking very relaxed and healthy today.

Neil: Oh, thanks Feifei, I've just come back from a camping holiday actually.

Feifei: A camping holiday?! Most people come back from camping looking like they need another holiday because of the lack of comfortable facilities!

Neil: Ah, well actually I cheated. I went glamping.

Feifei: Glamping?

Neil: Yes, glamping. Although I was staying in a tent, it was already set up when we arrived at the campsite, we slept on proper beds and even had a kitchen with a cooker and fridge.

Feifei: Wow, that sounds more glamorous than camping!

Neil: Exactly! Glamorous camping. Put those two words together and you get…

Both: Glamping.

Feifei: Oh I see… glamping is a word made up of two words: glamorous…

Neil: And camping.

Feifei: It's glamorous because there are lots of facilities you don't normally get in a tent, such as proper beds and even a kitchen.


A: I really hate camping… It reminds me of miserable holidays as a kid, sleeping on a cold, wet floor and eating horrible food!

B: You should try glamping. You get to spend time in the great outdoors but in a proper bed and with nice meals! It's wonderful!

Feifei: So do people really use this word 'glamping'?

Neil: Yes, it's quite a new word and a bit of a joke, but you can read it and you do hear people use it because there are more and more companies offering glamping holidays.

Feifei: Hmm…

Neil: What's up Feifei? I know you're a city girl, but wouldn't you like to try glamping?

Feifei: I'm not sure about that… Is there room service?

Neil: Room service?! That's a step too far! I'm afraid that's too glamorous for glamping!

Feifei: OK, how about a spa and massage room?!

Neil: Spa and massage room?! Honestly, it's still camping. Bye for now.

Feifei: Ha ha! Bye!


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