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Academic Listening

academic listening

About this series

'I'm Angelica Baschiera from Italy and I'm doing my post-graduate studies in the UK in London'.

'I'm Mohammed from Oman. I'm going to study in Leicester University, Communications and Media'.

'My name is Jose Arturo. I'm from Mexico and here in London I'm making my PhD in African History at the School of Oriental and African Studies'.

If like those students you’re attending or preparing to attend an English-speaking university, or simply want to improve your listening skills, this series is for you. It’s about learning to listen, and listening to learn.

The series, first broadcast in 2001, was produced by Gary Stevens and presented by Susan Fearn.

Part 2

Lectures: this programme takes a look at a range of techniques to make listening to lectures easier.

Part 1

Introduction to English for Academic Purposes, or EAP.