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Business Language to go

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About this series

Now, forget about dictionaries and grammar books: you don't have the time for that! Instead, listen to Business Language To Go, a series that is all about chunks of language as used in business contexts.

The series - first broadcast in 2001 - was produced by Ruth Whitbread and presented by Carmela DiClemente and business language expert David Evans.

Part 12

Business socialising: some useful expressions for making business contacts when you're outside the office.

Part 11

Training and away days: learn some useful language and related phrases.

Part 10

Difficult clients: we'll provide you with some useful language for dealing with dissatisfied customers and clients.

Part 9

Dealing with difficult work situations and asking for a pay rise.

Part 8

Delegating: we'll give you some useful language for this essential business skill.

Part 7

Telephoning II: find out some more telephone related language to use when making arrangements.

Part 6

Telephoning in a foreign language can be surprisingly difficult. Get some help with telephone related language with this programme.

Part 5

Appraisals: find out more about these meetings where a manager reviews your recent performance - and how to make the most of them.

Part 4

Presentations: they can be scary, even if you're just doing them in front of colleagues. But - we'll try to reassure you: they don't have to be a huge ordeal!

Part 3

Meetings: we’ll provide you with some language for running a meeting and also some expressions that you can use when you’re taking part in one.

Part 2

Induction: how do you introduce someone to the new work place?

Part 1

In this first episode of Business Language To Go: Job Interviews.

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