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Talk about English

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The Reading Group

The Reading Group: Part 10

In this, the last programme in the series, a scheme to bring books to Africa, a learner's favourite book and Martin Parrott discusses how to find English language magazines.

Talk about English series

  • The Reading Group

    In The Reading Group, we bring together listeners, students of English, literature teachers and other contributors from the world of books to share their enthusiasm for reading.
  • English Makeover

    A series in which learners from around the world tell us their English language problems, and get advice from our expert teacher of English, Karen Adams.
  • First Sight, Second Thoughts

    A series about life in Britain as seen through the eyes of its immigrant population.
  • Academic Listening

    A series for students at English-speaking universities and people who want to improve their listening skills.
  • Business Language To Go

    A series that is all about chunks of language as used in business contexts. The series was first broadcast in 2001, and is presented by Carmela DiClemente and business language expert David Evans.
  • A simple feature series in which ordinary people talk about themselves and how they experience everyday life in Britain. The series was first broadcast in 1997.
  • A series about culture and how it affects us. It explores some of the major differences between cultures and looks at what happens when people from different cultures meet and communicate. 12 programmes to download with scripts.
  • Better Speaking is all about how you can become a fluent, confident speaker of English. In the programmes we hear from learners of English from around the world and also from someone who specialises in teaching speaking, trainer Richard Hallows. 12 programmes to download.
  • A guide to the language and key issues in the news. This is another chance to hear the popular radio series, Insight Plus (2001) and The Big Story (2003). 17 programmes to download with scripts.

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    • From shopping on Oxford Street to answering your questions. 5 programmes to download.
    • From fashion to a review of the year. 44 programmes to download
    • From Wimbledon tennis to politics. 20 programmes with downloads.

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