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The Flatmates
Archive episode 179: You voted that - Tim and Khalid are both too busy
The flatmates
Episode 179: Paying the bill
Khalid: I'd like to check out now please.
Manager: Certainly sir. Was everything satisfactory?
Khalid: Not really, no. You mixed up my booking, I ordered a vegetarian breakfast but was given steak and eggs, and the hot water in my shower didn't work in the mornings.
Manager: Yes, I know you had a few problems but really, the important thing is, would you say they were dealt with politely and efficiently?
Khalid: No, I would say they were dealt with completely unpolitely and non-efficiently, actually. I had to ask more than three times to have my shower fixed and the waiter was very rude when I asked him to change my food.
Manager: Well, can I offer you a further discount as compensation? Say, 15%?
Khalid: Oh... Thank you.
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What should Khalid have said?
1: inpolitely and ineffectively
2: impolitely and uneffectively
3: impolitely and inefficiently
Total votes: 3312

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