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Learning English
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Ten Days in Manchester
An interactive intermediate business English course featuring Tony Marshall and May Hunter
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Tony and May Tony Marshall and May Hunter work for a travel company. They are attending an exhibition in Manchester to sell holidays, promote their company and find an agent. But can they do it?

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 What's it all about ...
Improve your English as you follow Tony and May's Manchester adventures through video clips audio diaries, interviews with business people and quizzes.

And you can decide how easy or difficult it is for Tony and May to complete their task.

Good Day Choose a 'good day' and everything goes according to plan...
Bad Day ...but choose a 'bad day' and it’s disaster after disaster after disaster!
Now choose Day 1 to begin the adventure ...
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  Day 1  
Checking in at the hotel
Day 2
Registering at the conference
Day 3
Phoning the boss
Day 4
Finding an agent
Day 5
Asking directions
Day 6
Negotiating a deal
Day 7
Renting a car
Day 8
Feedback to the office
Day 9
Dealing with customers
Day 10
Entertaining at a restaurant

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