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  • News stories from the BBC with vocabulary help. Updated three times a week with audio and text downloads. Each Wednesday there's a video version.
  • A series about slang and every day English expressions
  • A video series in which 'the Teacher' highlights common English idioms. You can download the video
  • BBC journalist Clare Arthurs talks about the use of different words and phrases in news contexts
  • Answers to common questions about the English language
  • Learn different phrasal verbs in this series
  • A series about new words in English and words whose meanings have changed over time
  • Features about life and news from Britain
  • A series which teaches you how to do different things in English
  • Grammar Challenge

    A series of programmes helping learners use tricky grammatical structures

  • Conversational features of general interest. You can download the programme and script
  • People in London talk about a wide range of topics. Listen, download and take part.
  • Different series of Features on a variety of topics. You can download each programme
  • Talking Business

    Useful language and phrases to improve your spoken communication skills in English in different business situations
  • Get That Job!

    Activities and quizzes to build career-related vocabulary and offer tips on things like how to put together a good CV or come across well in an interview
  • Welcome to London

    An intermediate English language course allowing users to practise their reading, listening and pronunciation skills. If you are coming to London or you want to find out more about what the city has to offer - then this course may be for you
  • Working Abroad

    Explores different issues connected with working abroad and details people's personal experiences of this. There are also vocabulary pages, exercises and quizzes to develop and test your English
  • Beyond the Postcard

    Looks at some not so well known features of some very well known places in Britain. There are text, audio and video comprehension exercises to help you practise and improve your English
  • The Handy Guide

    The Handy Guide to the Gurus of Management: a series that examines the roles and teachings of Business Gurus, with text, audio and an explanation of common management terms
  • Entertainment

    104 programmes on entertainment related topics
  • London Life

    83 programmes on topics relating to London
  • Weekender

    85 programmes on topics of general interest
  • People and places

    44 programmes on topics about different people and different places
  • The Blue Plaque

    Famous people and where they lived
  • Music Directory

    A series about different music styles
  • Ten Days

    A business English course
  • Work Skills

    English for different work situations

  • A new quiz every week. Each quiz has six multiple-choice questions. You can do the quizzes online or download them to print out
  • A new crossword every week to test your vocabulary
  • Beat the Keeper

    A fun game to help practise the English you've learnt in different parts of BBC Learning English
  • Wordmaster

    An interactive vocabulary quiz with thousands of questions
  • Exam skills

    A guide to preparing for and taking exams. With quizzes, scripts and audio
  • Where to next?

    An interactive tour of six locations in Britain and Ireland

  • See the latest animated episode of our online soap opera
  • The Flatmates on YouTube

    View our archive of animated versions of The Flatmates on BBC Learning English's YouTube channel

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  • Blogs

    Student, teacher and staff blogs
  • Message board

    Communicate with teachers and learners around the world

  • Plans for teachers to use in class with content from this site
  • Worksheets, activities and teaching ideas for skills-based practice
  • Worksheets, plans and teaching ideas on topics relating to grammar and vocabulary
  • General ideas for using content on this site with students
  • Suggestions for using the video material on this site with students
  • Topics for teachers to vote, comment on and discuss

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