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Can China Go Green?

Vehicular traffic crowds the Second Ring Road amid a hazy smog engulfing Beijing

Will China ever manage to control the pollution problem?

Jonathon Porritt reports from China, where, amidst the toxic power stations and burgeoning numbers of cars, he finds some extraordinary and pioneering green solutions.

In two provocative and counter-intuitive programmes, Jonathon Porritt flies in the face of international protest and fear at what China is 'doing' to the world's environment in order to properly explore what's actually happening across the vast country.

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Although the Chinese are avid to grow their economy at all costs, Porritt is convinced that they are effectively leap-frogging the older industrial societies of Europe and America and bringing on real long term environmental solutions, sustainable power and eco design.

First broadcast 2 December 2009

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  • In the run up to the crucial COP15 summit in Copenhagen, the BBC World Service looks at how the world is preparing for climate change.

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