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12/07/2009 - The Forum

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Meet the guests

British religious commentator, Karen Armstrong, wants to draw creatively on the religious insights of past civilisations and place active practise and contemplation centre stage in place of the current fashion of passive obedience to creed and religious dogma.

Australian Professor Stephen Hopper, Director of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, London, and a great plant conservationist, draws our attention to the world’s oldest landscapes located in parts of Western Australia, Africa’s Southern Cape and Venezuela.

He highlights the importance of conserving these outcrops which sustain diverse collections of plants & other living creatures and could have unique properties that prove valuable in combating the effects of climate change.

Zimbabwean writer and Caine Prize winner Brian Chikwava compares the demands on an athlete competing in the sporting arena to the psychological performance that is demanded of the writer.

He examines how stepping outside one’s creative comfort zone can bring about a kind of rebirth.

The programme presented this week by philosopher and classicist Angie Hobbs.

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