Last updated: 27 april, 2009 - 11:14 GMT

Divorce business benefits from recession

wedding couple

Getting divorced can be more costly than getting married

One surprising side-effect of recession is that the market in big-money divorce is booming, not just for emotional reasons, but for canny financial reasons too.

England happens to be the centre of the wealthy divorce universe, and there's a court case here in London, this week which could make it even more attractive.

The case concerns a German heiress who wants to enforce a financial agreement made before her wedding, which would leave her husband with nothing.

Business Daily's Lesley Curwen spoke to divorce lawyer Julian Lipson from the international law firm Withers, about the changing trends in divorce settlements among the world's super-rich.

She started by first asking him, how important these pre-nuptial agreements are.

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First broadcast on Business Daily on 27 April 2009

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