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being a woman writer

"I found the word woman so fascinating , what does this word mean, do I have to accept the definition or can I make up my own definition, 30 years later I'm still writing about woman and finding new meanings."
Michele Roberts

"I think being a woman was one of the inspirations for my becoming a writer in the first place because when I was growing up in the 50s and early 60s it was a hard time to be a young woman, because the ideas of women presented to you by the culture I was growing up in, a sort of white, middle-class, suburban culture and sprinklings of French culture, were very narrow, and there were all kinds of splits imposed on women so that you were either a pretty girl or a you were a clever girl, either you were a good girl or you were a bad girl, there was no idea of a whole woman, a whole person."
Michele Roberts

One of the most powerful influences on Michele Roberts has been feminism. She considers that feminism has been her salvation, that when her family disapproved of her writing and actions, other women became her support:

"I was having a difficult time with my own family who profoundly disapproved of my becoming an artist and a feminist and having adventures, and, in their terms, being very wicked. Feminism was home, and it did what home should do for you, it nurtured me and kicked me out into the world. I'm an old fashioned feminist - for me it's about loving other women and supporting other women in their struggles and it's very connected to movements in the world for social justice."
Michele Roberts


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being a woman writer
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