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Last updated: 5 january, 2012 - 15:21 GMT

International Playwriting Competition 2011: Commended plays

In addition to the click 14 short-listed plays the following entries were selected for special mention.

You can also listen to a selection of plays from a recent showcase that was recorded in London click here.

Highly commended plays

1. The Thanatos's Firefly by Motoharu Imai from Japan

2. A Basket Case (The Great Escape) by Rookangmwa Garba Matta from Nigeria

3. Boat by Kenneth Charles Curmi from Malta

4. Kindred by Jacqueline McCarrick from Ireland

5. The Careerist by Eamonn Kelly from Ireland

6. Iron Curtain by David Turashvili from Georgia, translated by Maya Kiasashvili

7. Man Hunt by Dries Coomans from Belgium

8. Cinderella Had A Fella by David Eliet from USA

Commended plays

1. Let's Salsa by Sinéad Fagan from Ireland

2. Sissy The Truckie's Mate by Joselyn Duffy Morton from France

3. The Baby Shower by Manjima Chatterjee from India

4. Trinity Ann by Anna Bor from Slovenia

5. EGG by Sarah Kosar from USA

6. Scaffolding by David Nello Colom from Spain

7. Rivo-loo-shun by Zainab Magdy from Egypt

8. Conversations From The Other Side Of The Rubble by Adesite Wole from Gambia

9. Waiting for Death by Seda Stepanyan from Armenia

10. Suspension by Jane Sherning Warren from New Zealand

11. The Citadel by Katya Melluish & Richard Crompton from Kenya

12. Foot Soldier by Vincent Vella from Malta

13. Herd Of Hogs by Paul Nesdore from USA

14. The Story Of A Nut by Benjamin Panulo from Kenya

15. A Woman, A Dog And A Walnut Tree by Denis Byrne from Ireland

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