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24 September 2014

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A Mosquito, yesterday.

A Mosquito, yesterday.

The sound that repels troublemakers

A device emitting a soundwave which is designed to drive young troublemakers away from a problem area of Swindon has been hailed as a success. Listen to the sound online.

The 'Mosquito' sonic deterrent device was installed by the Wyvern Theatre in an attempt to stop groups of up to 100 youngsters from gathering around Theatre Square.

The Wyvern Theatre

The Wyvern Theatre

It was named the 'Mosquito' because the sound resembles that of a buzzing insect. And it works by emitting a harmless ultra sonic tone that generally can only be heard by people aged 25 and under. In trials, it has proven that the longer someone is exposed to the sound, the more annoying it becomes.

Crime Reduction Officer Bob Walton elaborated further: "Effectively, it's a transmitter which sends out a specialised frequency noise which according to the manufacture is particularly audible to young people under the age of 25.

He said: "I'm in my fifties and when it's turned on all I can hear is a very faint buzz.  But I understand from young people who have been exposed to the noise, it is very annoying."

Swindon's anti-social behaviour co-ordinator Cheri Wright says it is working well.

She said: "We had a meeting with local retailers arounds here - after it had been installed for around three weeks - and feedback was really positive.

"Everyone was saying there has been a marked reduction in criminal damage and problems with the shops, so they've really welcomed it."

last updated: 12/02/2008 at 12:19
created: 04/04/2006

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Tell us if you could hear the tone and if so, how annoying you found it!

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I'm 21 and could only hear it very, very faintly. It was more of an annoyance because of the physical feeling of the eardrums buzzing than any audible noise.

I can hear it but it wouldn't annoy me... i wud end up gettin used to it (14 yrs)

can't hear it

Hawley (26yr)
The MP3 gave me a terrible headache. Worse, however, is the thought of actually using this device. Not only do I agree that this is treating your young people like pests, I can show you the $5 device I bought that chases mice away in just this same manner (all I hear is a hum like a refrigerator.) Maybe this town's problems have less to do with the age of some of its members and more to do with the lack of respect they have for one another.

Can hear it perfectly and other frequencies upto and probably over 21.1KHz.I'm 22, a pianist, singer (Baritone, seen as we're talking about pitch), and composer. So im guesing my music has something to do with it.

We are plagued by loud mouthed unruly youngsters and I am sure this, if it works, could be the way to restoring our peace.

i'm 34, but i think this is a bit of a swizz. don't believe it for a minute.

I'm almost 35 and I could hear it just fine. The longer it played, it did kinda fade out and was harder to hear, but I still heard it fine. But I can also see how some people couldn't hear it.

Lisa D
This isnt a tone or a sound, its another level of vibrations, Stone Roses were one of the bands to make it a famous noise! Its real and very credible! its not about age, its about strength of your ears and sensitivity!

Sounds like a sample from a Westlife song - THAT would certainly keep ME out!

i heard it very clearly.i love this technology

1. thing is that you cant hear it.2. thing is that your speakers cant play it

i have agreat peank for my anoying cousin!cousin:turn off that noise!parentss: what noise?

Ow! it hurts my ears. (12)

im 12 and i hear it but its not as annoying as i thought it would be. actually its not that annoying at all.

i'm 15 and someone in our class played it. The teacher heard nothing but all my classmates were saying turn it off! It was my first time hearing it. It was really exciting because i was always told those type of thing were phony. Well it's not!

Achmed who happens to be 14
I Think the radio version was badly done because I could hear the sound wave but not the radio. Also I would like to say that I have a very happy life

I Want this!!! I am a teacher and it would be fab to get silence in class without having to shout!!GENIOUS!!Should be on main teaching websites for us to download!

ian whiteway
ACPO CONFERENCE MOSQUITO anti social youthMy job as an Anti Social Behaviour Reduction Officer sees me looking on a daily basis at anything that can “do exactly as it says on the tin”“Mosquito” has been badged as a revolutionary new device that has been specifically designed to disperse groups of teenagers from loitering in areas that they are not wanted.With an effective range of between fifteen and twenty meters, the field trials have shown that teenagers are acutely aware of the Mosquito and usually move away from the area within just a couple of minutes. I looked into this great idea for an instant cure for a “youth anti social issue” It seems that there is a medical phenomenon known as presbycusis or age related hearing loss which, is the loss of hearing that gradually occurs in most individuals as they grow older. Hearing loss is a common disorder associated with ageing. About 30-35 percent of adults between the ages of 65 and 75 years have a hearing loss. It is estimated that 40-50 percent of people 75 and older have a hearing loss. According to The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, this begins after the age of 20 but is usually significant only in persons over 65. It first affects the highest frequencies (18 to 20 kHz) notably in those who have turned 20 years of age. It is possible to generate this high frequency sound that is audible only to teenagers.The Mosquito is essentially a sounder unit that emits a very high (ultra-sonic). The longer someone is exposed to the sound, the more annoying it becomes. Teenagers are acutely aware of the Mosquito and usually move away from the area within just a couple of minutes.Sainsburys are amongst Several big retail companies actively using the device and somerfield too are contemplating following. Indeed this week at the ACPO conference it is believed that ACPO themselves will endorse this as a great step in combating Anti social behaviour. But the Anti social youth make up 1.3 % of the youth population so is this unit blanketing and tarring all youth with the same brush. What about the young mum on her way into the shops to get a pint of milk, The law abiding trainee mechanic and the two college students aren’t all these affected too. I think it is established that this measure is effective but does it breach Human rights. Does this justify the use of such a tool and will it not just move the problem small percentage of youth into the dark alley where they can cause more alarm to the public. Should these companies not be looking at community unification and working with police and local communities in trying to find alternative places and funding for youth projects. Its well known that these companies thrive well in the communities where their shops are situated. I wont be advising anyone to purchase one of these and will be watching closely to see if a young person will be challenging the human rights issue. Ian Whiteway

12, heard it. Someone turned on a tape recorder, and rolled a squeaky wheel in a subway. Who CAN'T hear that?

hi hi hi hi hi hi lol lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) 8-DSB>P i luv dis noise

Constantin (from France)
I'm 18 and I was perfectly able to hear the strange mosquito sound! It doesn't seems to be too loud for youth's ears, does it? But it is just a record and I haven't got an idea of the noise made by this device in real conditions (I mean, if I were in front of the shop's speakers...)

Mike in da USA
this sound clip is nothing compared to what i have heard. there are way more powerful versions on the web that actually hurt my ears, yet my parents cant hear it.

my parents can't hear it! tried it but they just can't hear it!

im onli 15 and i couldn't hear it at all!!!!

Leona Sheppard
This was done to me and it caused my nose and ear to bleed because it was ongoing. It's dangerous and could cause siezures if done wrong or ongoing. It should be outlawed in the USA and not used for any reason..

I think these things havnt been thought through, in York they have one of these outside a shop, and an old man arrived with his dog, the dog couldnt stand the noise, was howling, and obviously in pain, however the old man couldnt hear the noise and didnt know what was wrong, end result was an unhappy dog which could of hurt someone (even though it was very well behaved while away from the shop), along with all of the obvious legal problems with people's human rights etc.

I'm 13 and i can barely hear it! ill listen to it later cause right now the AC is on and its kinda messing with the sound and also people are like passing through the room...

I can hear it as loud as day, my age 36.

I'm 18 and I hear it perfectly. I plan on experimenting on my parents (47 and 54)later

I must be getting on, I could hardly hear that!How can I get that installed in my driveway?

Dirted (14)
i cant hear it but it gave me a head ache so it works

im 31 years old, I turned the volume right up and I could hear a faint high pitched beeping noise..

whats so annoying about that??? I can hear it, but its nothing that could drive me away,, make a good piece in a techno song,,, better luck next time

Farrah Montezray
we bug my class with the noise every day and we tried it on our health teacher and she could not hear it it was so funny


Im 22 and I can hear it!

i cant hear it, but i can hear it on phones, but it doesnt hurt at all



Raul (mexico)
I'm 29 older, i couldn't hear anything... But mosquito frecuences could be used in schools between students for chatting in morse code :D (even in exams but that would be cheating)

Ive studied music my whole life. I have a really good hearing and this gives me a headache.Let me ask you, who can I sue if I starve or loose my hearing because I live alone and need to do my own shopping?This is a way of discrimination.thanks

A 13 year old
I hear the high frequency noise over the clicking and giggling but it doesn't bother my ears at all or give me a migrane.

k r
i'm 16 and cant hear a thing...

the mosquito breaks Human Rights Act - Article 3

Sandra and Mummy(on phone)
I'm 36(Sandra) and my Mummy is slightly older than me,we couldn't hear it and came to the conclusion that we're past it and old farts.We were hoping that we could hear it just to say that we're young still(never mind we feel young in spirit) pass the bottle......

some kid played it off his phone and half the calss could hear it and half the class couldnt including the teacher...i could hear it..

It's stupid!Itdoesn't work!

i didn't hear anything. Im 16. But i hear it ALL the time in class tho??

Couldn't hear a thing.I am 51.

i am 17 and i could hear the may be because i always listen to loud music and im around a lot of sharp noises because i do constuction.i found the noise to be irritating.

The idea that our society is congratulating itself on finding a way of treating teenagers like vermin sickens me. Teenagers are people, too, and most of them are not bad. We complain that our youth are anti-social, and then deliberately alienate them with anti-social devices. We complain that they are annoying, and our response is to annoy them back. This is hypocritical, short-sighted and immoral, and I am shocked that the police support it. I won't spend a penny at any shop or chain which installs one of these devices and I invite others to do the same. I am 48, by the way.

wt am i sposed 2 b hearin

is there any device can do it more effective- i need it very much

I'm 13 and It is reli annoying. I can hear it reli clearly and it definitely works. My local shop turned it on and we don't stand their anymore.

I'm 13.It sticks in my head....and gives me chills.But there is this 10 second one that blows up meh brain D

I am 27 and my ears are still pulsating within two minutes of listening. I am far from the people they think they will deter. Perhaps that is their loss, but I am concerned for the loss of other's "quiet enjoyment" of their neighbourhood. I could not, for instance live next door to this.

im 15 and i can hear it loud and clear! its still ringing in my ears! its slightly annoying but if i really wanted to be there, i could deal with it.

Mean GUY
My Science class really hates it

im 21 and I could hear it, its so damn high pitched, it makes my ears want to bleed, its like a huge pressure in my eardrum. I couldn't stand that for more than 30 seconds, it felt like my ear drums where going to burst.

what the hell was that noise in the back ground when it was playing sound wave

everyone in here sucks cuz they cann't hear it..i could... -BG SHYBOY

im 14 i hear it a little but not alot

josie and Isaiah
Me and my bro. are younger than13! Why can't we hear the mosquito in the 1st 1! Thank you 4 your time!@ do this is an awesome learning activite!

I'm only 12 and I can't hear! Is that a bad thing? I've heard it before! Why can't I hear it now?

charlotte - 10
i am 10 and i still cant hear it :O that wont scare me away

Robert - Virginia (USA)
Started reading comments... many of the first few did not hear the sound correctly or did not understand the recording was open air .. thus you hear people in the background, someone clanks some metal together just after kid laughs. The "mosquito" sound however is just about the full duration of the recording. Here at my desk (soundblaster Audigy card, with a 6.1 speaker sound system) the sound was present more in the rear speakers, is about 2 chirps per second starting a split second after the playback starts and the recording ends on a split second.After listening to it several times and realizing the sound, I looked at the graphic display of winamp, and could clearly see the signal represented, and watched as it pulsed like the sound did.I'm 39 and protective of my hearing. case in point I wear ear protection when cutting grass, useing a weed wacker, or any loud repetative motorized item (chain saw, electric hedge trimmer, etc) thus perhaps my ears have been more protected than others ... but the sound is there, it can get annoying and if you can't hear it, make sure you *look* for it with the graphical display your player should have.

THAT'S PRETTY (omg caps) friggin annoying, but I could bear it I guess.

dat is so wierd

andy watt
these machines are an outrage, talk about our rights we should be alowed to be were we like, not all people under 25 have asbos and beat up grannies

Im 17 years ol and LOKO


Abby (15)
They need to make it higher pitched.I could very easily hear it, and my hearing sucks.

i'm 12 and i could hear it even when i was in a room full of loud and noisy ppl.. ow...

I cant hear a thing (33) but made a continuos loop of the recording that now feeds through 2 small speakers via a cheap mp3 player mounted under the eaves of my house. Youths dont seem to want to hang around outside our house anymore :)Total cost: £0to buy a mosquito : £450.00Make your own

Im 17 years old... Im a musician and i know i have good hearing but i could not hear that! Thats bull crap as far as im concerned. Wouldent send me far.

I am an 85 year old man and I can hear that ringtone just fine. I even heard my great-grandson's cell phone.

the mosquito ringtones are sad because that shows how much kids ar addicted to cell phones

57 year old\
it is a phony.............. im 57 and i can hear it beeeeeeeeep then a little girl laughing then a click click

this is the "mosquito buzz"?sounds more like a bunch of people talking and laughing with static over it. and what's that clicking sound?

that is soooooooooo anoying but it is also sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome because my parents cat hear it!?!!?!?!?!? {ha ha ha lol} this is sooooooooo cool

i cnt hear anything at all im kinda freaked out.....

this has to be illegal.

ouch! (22yr)

i couldnt hear anything, neither could my dogs, and their both a year old, and im 13, wtf wtfigoh mate?

yo mama
my dog was in the room at the time and she yelped like she just got shot and put here tail between her legs and hid under the couch

Amanda - US
i am 20 years old and i have a hearing range of up to 21.1kHZ. I can hear this loud and clear and just from listening to it for 10 seconds i have a massive headache. I think it's ridiculous though that I shouldn't be allowed into a store just because of my age. I am mature and responsible, so why should I have to be aubjected to discrimination and hearing loss because a minority of my age group can't control their temper? I think it's prejudice and stupid.i hope you do realize that when you subject yourself to sound, that is how you lose your hearing. high frequency hearing goes first because of the anatomy of your cochlea. all sound travels through your high freqiency sensors regardless of the pitch. the less sound you subject yourself to, the longer your hearing will last. I personally don't want to lose my hearing early on, and for you to force that upon me is unfair.thanks alot.


west boy
couldnt hear it 16yrs old

My science teacher played this for us today. It gave me the worst headache on Earth. My science teacher must be pure evil. I'm 12 years old.

14 year old
Cant hear it, and i have excellent hearing i can hear from a range of about 7hz-30khz. It freaks some people they always say "how can you hear that"This is either a complete fake or i need new speakers :)

and i cant hear it?oh dear :(

I think that it is inhumane to use these devices. I mean if it only targeted black people then it would be branded as racist. Why should it be different for teenagers? It also assumes that all teens are up to no good.

99yr old
i hear it not very annoyin

What about the criminals over 25??

I have this and my parents can't hear it. It works perfect just what i needed

ryan (13)
i hear this noise very often, and yes, it does really hurt my ears. i noticed that they play it on the KFC commercials.

is the ring tone free

It is in Paul St in Cork, Ireland. I'm 26 and I can hear the bloody thing

Orwell was on the right track.

Eric Shrestha
I wasn't annoyed. I am 26 and I could hear all of it.

Im 16 and i have it on my cell phone but i cannot hear it. So i got on the computer and turned on the speakers almost all the way then i was able to hear it!

the sound gives me migraine. i used to go to the local shop for my mum, spending around 600 pounds per year. i can no longer go there. exactly hoes does this increase turnover for the shop?

im 19 and i heard it fine, doesnt bug me at all though

i like it its hella tightim 14

I couldnt hear it. Does it matter if the volume of my speakers are high or low?

I'm 19 and I can hear a faint white noise with people laughing in the background with clicking noises.

This Sucks. We Don't Have Anywhere To go So We're Hanging Round The Towns. Now We're Being kicked Out Of There

28 Year Old
And I can hear it clear as a bell. Slightly annoying...but really not too bad. Although, if I had to visit somewhere that this thing was playing I might be prone to wanting to throw something...

I just played it and my mom who is 44 heard it to!!!!!!

Yo that's sick. How do you get it on your phone?

13 years
Is that supose to be anoying?also, even my mom can hear that, and she is lke 46!!! whats with the laughing girl?

Sam Teacher
iam a school teacher 35 i can hear it

I can hear this noise at 14 and It's not really annoying. It wouldn't drive me from anywhere esspecialy if I was having fun with friends or in some way enjoying myself.

Fabricio Oropeza
I can hear it and it hurts my ear

i am 14 and i can't hear this i don't believe it is actually real

Aaaagggghhh...I'm 33 and I though I was going nuts! I though this was a joke until I played it. It is horrible!

omg this is so anoying im going to kill myself tomaro so see you guys in heaven

to get it search in google ``tono contra mosquitos``

im 20 and live in swindon and havnt heard the 'buzz'while out and about, but i think its a great basis for an idea! so long as it is only turned on during hours when all our wonderfull swindonian youths appear out the woodwork then i think it could work, i know i find groups of over 100 people stood in the same area at night scary to walk by.

john bermingham
i can almost hear ot.....

that herts im 12 god i have ahead ach ilol c u in court

yo dawg
goin on 114 and i can here it

i heard it and i think my dog but no one in my family heard it and their all over 40

I could hear it, also It makes my ear drums feel, like they are about to burst. My little brother could hear it as well, and he said that "It makes my head feel like its about to explode" I think this product is harmful in some ways to the brain or the ear of the young people, and it should be taken off, before any serious injuries happen, or harmful effects develop.

I can't hear it at all! and I am 19.

11 and hearin fine
I m 11 and i can hear it LOUD AN CLEAR! My parents cant!!!!!!!! HEEHEE!

I'm 32 and it's earpiercing

i get the same thing as chris

ash 1
i can hear it

why you use realplayer!!! i cant listen it because i dont have it D:

i'm 17 and i can hear all of them except the last one. the 2 above sounds like constant sparks and static. i would never use it as a ringtone because my ears would be ringing, like they r RIGHT NOW!

maria bellavia
Me and my 10 year old cant hear it but if it works on irritating chavs then I think the inventor should be crowned king of the UK.

where is the ringtone available?

mike 17
I heard it. But its still not going to do much to teens like me. If it were me and i was getting into trouble ( which used to be a favorite) Id just take it out on whatever was making the noise =)

how do you get this ringtone because i really need it class!!!

it hurts

i got it on my phone in class my teacher cant here it so i can get away with having a phone... sweet!

fu"#$"!# sound i wanna puke =S

its stupid and pointless whatever

Prolonged exposure to unlrasonic sounds when you are still maturing "can" cause long term effect. If there are problems with youths just call the police, isnt that what our taxs pay for??

ryan harrison
its a load of b.s it doesnt anoy u #

I'm 13 and its very annoying. It serves its purpose well.

im 22 and can hear it but i had to turn the trebel up on my comp to hear it clearly, im not sure wat that means

Game Girlz
I am 11 and Ive been to different sites looking for it. I can hear different sounds each time and some I cant even hear at all!! Is this mosquito ringtone supposed to be JUST for Teenagers, or is it for anyone under 20? I am confused!

a group of trouble makers have the ringtones of this, and if it is possible, one of them is way worse than the one i heard on here, the one on here barely bugs me, but one of the kids at my school has the worst one i have ever heard. its horrible and painful. im almost 17, i could hear it, so could my 8 year old brother, but not my 42 year old mum

its really cool cause people can ring me in class to try and get me into trouble but it dosent work cause my teachers cant here it

Rachel L. (12 Years Old)

dam that mofo hurts

bitsa n soph
OW! Thats ringing in my ears

On Monday The Science Teacher Put It On And It Worked! She Couldnt Hear A Thing

i am a person and i can hear noises and stuff. Dont worry im not an alien!!!!At least i dont think i am...bye

matt lewis
i cant hear it

Why should children be subjected to this type of torture? why not try to provide more facilities for young people instead of wasting time and money dreaming up ways to hurt and criminalise them ? Wilts Council is sick.

I've heard people say this is affecting their pets. How do we know it isn't upsetting wildlife too? Has anyone bothered to check???

It's an oscillating frequency pattern of about 15.5 khz to 17 khz. Most people around 25 years old should hear it. (I'm 19 by the way)

!4 year old
I can kinda hear it. my 10 year old sister could barely hear it though and i'm older! It is kind of a weird nose.

i can hear it perfectly well im 12 and its loud and clear a couple of ppl in my class have it on their cell and we use it as a kind of code that the techer cant hear

i have above average hearing and i cant hear anything

Sakura Yukimi Reiki Kiyomoto

10 year old!!!!!!!!
i have VERY good hearing and when i hear this it takes it to a whole new level i can't wait to see if my mom can't hear it.She is 50 and i doubt she will be able to.

i played it 2 my parents they cant here it.. i can im 13

Mr Ekshin
If you're of legal age, and bothered by these things then sue! Public nuisance and all that. I think someone having the guts to bring a lawsuit would be wonderful! :D

I Can Hear It, Im 12 Years Old, Nearly 13. Doesnt Really Bother Me, Hurts My Ears A Little Tho

Muy 8yr old just listened to it and actually quite likes it LOL! He said it sounds like a cricket... hmmm.

URGENT READ. I'm 17 and showed my friends the sound all the time. One time my ears started to bleed and i went to the emergency room! so don't listen to it too much!

i am 12
I heard it and it was extremely annoying, I almost blocked my ears!

I am 17 and I can't hear it. My younger sister (15) and all my friends can hear it,though. Is there something wrong with my ears? Someone at school said my ears are ahead of my age.

yer I don't have it but my friend melza has it on her phone. One time she had it on and it went off and my teacher couldnt hear it and shes about 25 years old.Bu the way me and melza are 12. lol

how do u get it on ur mob

fro daddy
i cant hear it im 17

I heard it its annoying im 17

i can hear it and im 14 but i dont know.. i dont find it annoying.. hmm

This isn't fake. I've tried this and no teachers that I've seen can hear it buy most of my classmates can.

I think its bad teenagers (as my little children call them ) these are just another big joke ! just like most of the deterrents of it any wonder they are getting worse as years go by ! why dont we just give them a tut...when they criminalise our streets...I mean lets get really tough ! I'm exasperated.... Yes im one of thousands of depleted mums who think this is just rediculous ! just like the light that shows teenagers spots to deter them.....what a waste of taxpayers money once again !

i'm like 14 and i cant hear anything but the noise of the sqaure? are you sure this works.

im 14 and i heard that very well. i tryed recording it on my cell phone and my cell phone couldnt hear it. isnt that weird. wher do u get this ring tone i cant find it any where if u know email me at

I hear it and it doesnt bother me.

i'm 15 and i can hear it

I hear it! I'm not too old! Yeah! I am 22!

i can hear it but only when i turn up my speakers to max volume. I'm 12

I hear it

wow thats annoying 16:)

Sophie t
It sounds horrible but it's a great ringtone that adults cant hear

Sophie t
It sounds horrible but it's a great ringtone that adults cant hear

i hear it

im 14 and i can easily hear it. my ears wont stop ringin tho lol

thats all fine and good, but i need it as a .mid or .qcp

dang thats almost annoying, but yeah im 17 and i can hear it very clearly.

i couldnt see that running me out of any place, but the modified ringtone thats used for schools, that would drive me away faster than anything

em its ok i agree its anoing but its good

i played this sound in my ict lesson as a test and all the teachers could here it aged 25 to 40 and over this is fake

its well good but my teacher can here it but most cant

this is kind of good, coincidently I am doing an experiment on human hearing threshold.

15 years old
i honestly dont know what im supposed to be listening for but i couldnt hear anything out of the ordinary

Mr Bean!!!!
i cud hear it and it made me hunry:D

Blow me jerks, this is true crapola, but at least it makes a fun ringtone, true music to my ears, and the teachers never notice! Haha, just wait till teens learn how negate this and then lets see how well it works. One kid wouldnt stop playing it, and got himself strapped to a wall and his cell strapped to a mortar, *hint hint* so I would recommend you guys disable these useless peices of crap before my friends take it into their own hands.

i love it im 13 and it is soooooo cool i sit in class and then my friend calls me and every onecan here it but the teachers i would not do it if i where u cus some teachers can but my 6 teachers cant hahaha midd le school ROCKS :)

Gavin (30 yrs old)
I was able to hear it about two months when an 18yo friend played it to me as a ringtone from his mobile. I can't hear it now - have i aged that much in two months??

My GOD that's AWESOME!!!!

26 year old
I'm 26, hear the annoying WRAH WRAH WRAH WRAH WRAH WRAH noise above the background street sounds...

fook mi
this is effing awesome. i can hear it

I can here it and I'm 55


I'm 17 and i can't hear a damn thing!!

it doent work it, has been tried and failed

how do u get the ring tone?

Zaria Belle
I could hear the anoying sound and I'm 53yrs old! But then elctoronics device emit sounds I can't tolerate. If a TV is up too loud I can't stand it....

i'm 33 and i heard it perfectly fine. xx

This is unbelievable! Not only is this type of device no real way to tackle this sort of issue (in that it will just move the problem somewhere else), but the fact that it discriminates against young people is preposterous. How is this even legal?!? All you need to do is look at the title of the article to see the clear prejudice that goes along with this type of device: “The sound that repels troublemakers”, umm it repels all people up to 25, so are you suggesting that everybody under the age of 25 is a trouble maker???

i can hear up to the 21.1khz and i am 22

13 year old
it makes me want to jump off a building

hello im 14 and ive been able to hear it but it didnt use to bother me but now my sensitive right ear is throbbing in pain . I say theses things should only be used where there are major problems.

im 13, ugh the sound is sooo annoying, my science teacher plays it when he wants us to quiet down. its really annoying!

I am 15 and in my personal opinion, I must compliment this ingenious method to "repel" the youth from loitering by using "the mosquito." I defiantly agree with some of the comments I am reading, it does sound like the high pitch frequency that you hear from a television set. Well, anyways, I think it's a clever tactic brought into keep loiterers away, and if it bothers you, and then find elsewhere to go, personally after a while, the noise becomes background sound and you don't really notice it. If you can’t change it, live with it. [By the way, I can hear up to 17.7khz]

I don't know if I'm hearing it or not! Sounds like static.

13 yr old trouble maker
your mean keeping kids away like that

OPRA Winfery
Icant hear jack

ju (13 yrs)
great. go on limewire an type in mosquitio ringtone and they do work!

that hert my bros ears

how can i get this ringtone?

interesting... I wonder what teachers will use this for when it is the middle of class? Just splay it to get the kids attention, or lose it mroe likely.

Teacher at Brannel
I cant hear it and dont want to 40

I'm sixteen and can hear every one of those noises on the ringtone list. But the noise that I'm assuming is used for the actual "repelling" is pretty obnoxious and, as the article said, can be heard be people as old as 50. Vis a vis, good idea, but it needs better development.

yep, can hear it perfectly

wow thats harsh

im 32 and i heard it kinda like vib

im 16 i cnt hear it at all!

its connnecting but wont play??

zahar k frome Wa.
my mom thinks thats cool but only me 12 and my 13 year old sis can hear it, we went to church and made it really lod and only the kids cood hear it!!!!!!!! lol

im 88 and still ticken and i heard it loud and clear sonies. (europe)

rachael merrall
I'm 25 and can hear it plain as day and if i heard this it would really annoy me

I'm 13
and I couldn't hear a thing

13 year old
i can hear it that is soo cool my mom cant hear it

12 years old -Joe
I can hear it fine but it does not annoy me at all but my 40 year old father can hear it too so it would be anoying for him making it usless for just anoyying kids

i think the sound is actualy soothing its cool

18 year old
They just installed that at my school to turn on after 11 at night. It makes me want to kill myself. It sucks. And the one we have is especially high pitched. It's, I think, 17.6 Hz.

billy bob
yep, im deaf.

I'm 18 years old. I can barely hear it. I think it is a fantastic idea. I was once one of the little prats terrorizing shops and stealing everything I could. I gonna set one up in my house.

phillip age 14
when i went to an internet site i listened to it and i actually thought it was quite pleasant

American teenager
I'm 15 and that is ANNOYING!!!! Keep that out of US stores and out of the cell phones. As a true American I would sue any store that has this installed. Has anyone heard of endangering the welfare of a child?

I'm 31 and can hear it just fine.

i can't hear it and im 12

i can hear it and i have to say that its REALLY annoying. i have ringing in my ears now and i have a head ache......

yo mama
that thang is annoying.

12 year old
i must have really bad ears or something cuz i couldnt hear anything

no one in my family can hear it except for me and my brother and im only 14.

Big Dave
I'm 17 and it hurt so bad that I had to go to the doctor.

That isn't that bad, tv's and moniters usally emit sounds that are higher pitch and a lot more irritating.

Freaking SWEET!!!!!!!!! where do i download that sound

I enjoy it!

I can hear it but it isn't annoying. My computer moniter makes this noise all the time and I'm on my computer almost all day long. If I was hanging out somewhere with my friends, we'd just get a stereo and play music to drown it out or something. It will probably cause more problems than it fixes.

i'm 15 and my brother has the ring tone and i think it's amazing that adults can't hear it!!!

random person
this piece of b.s is really annoying get it outa me head

Im 20 and i cant hear anything at all

i heard it and im 14, but my mom heard it too and she's 35.


i'm 15, i heard it, there was somesort of banging at the end like a stick

16 year old
i can hear it, but my mom can also hear-it. and it makes no difference to me, is not that anoying...

Clint Martinson
I suck at life...

ITs COOL man!

15 year old
it workz, i hate the sound

yeah um i'm 15 i can hear it but my damn parents cant and they say its a bunch of bs, i even went to other sites and they won't friggn believe me and it is making me so mad.

i can get down to 16 but i can't figure how to download it on my fone

I'm 17. I hear it and it is annoying, It hurts my ear.

I'm 23 and I can hear it. However my father who's 47 can not.... So I beleive it to be true!!

oh..i listen all sounds...

I can just hear it, sounds liek a faint criket because it's in little bursts. if it was constant it'd probably drive some of us insane.

Kat Sperle
I love this...

i heard that it sounds cool not freaky but the sound like echoes in your head but i like it its cool

im 15 and i can hear it its not really loud and painfull but annoying like that buzzing a TV makes when u turn it on but higher. i gotta admit its pretty genius. now i just have to find a way to play it really loud in my highschool

Male, 43yrs old. Dizzy with throbbing temples.

prefer not to disclose
i stumbled upon your report whilst trying to gather a statistic on youth crime. and i am frankly appauled. Why should a long standing generally well thought of company give positive publicity to what many regard as a modern day act of torture? surely if this was audible to a group other than those young adults this would not be tolerated. and i ask any adults who have taken the time to read this to consider how pleased you would be if on your way to buy some milk for instance a head wrenching experience was brought upon you because a small collective of your peers caused trouble for the store. why in a modern day britain should this be tolerated?

'reduction in criminal damage'? are they saying only teenagers are criminals ?????????????????????????!!!

23 year old
I'm 23 and I'm sure they've put oe up in Wimbledon town centre. It's annoying and antisocial. If I were to play my music (whatever it may be) at a loud volume in the middle of the town centre I would be definatly approached by the police and probably arrested for breaching the peace. It is hypocracy on their part.

im 12 and i cant hear it.i got this test and the most i can hear is 14.1 mhz - 14.9 mhz

This is the coolest! For my school science fair, my partner and I are testing out different frequencies and playing it to different age groups to see what and what not they can hear@

WTF is That?... i only heard some girl laughin and my ear hurt like hell my right ear :( :/

maggi martin
be careful who is in the vicinity of this noise my grandson of ten months inadvertantly was in the region and he was screaming and looked horrified holding his breath and it was very scary for us to watch

15 yr old American from britan
Best Sound on the planet, until it gets annoying!!!

thatss gayyy!!! i must have horrible hearing. im 14 and cant hear a thing

the mosquito sound is on my tv and its really annoying.

My mom is 37 and she can't hear it. She just said she felt like something was bothering her but she couldn't hear the sound.

im 14 i live in japan i hered it my teacher i can here it im glad it is interesting!

it is anoying but after about three times it starts to hurt. ps i am 12

I heard some kind of high pitcherd buzzing. Kind of like when you turn on the Tv and that sound comes up. Can someone explain the sound to me?

how do we get the ring tone?

im 12 and all i can hear are voices on my head telling me to throw the cat out the window

12 year old
i can hear it but my 10 year old sister, 46 year old dad and 44year old mum cant hear it

☺16 Y.O.

random person
just the fact that they would say its a teen repellant makes me love to hear it ps i'm 14

i can hear it im 11

i heard it well. i'm 15. i'd rather just keep my phone on vibrate. it's annoying.

I am 15 and I can hear it slightly. If it were louder, I would be able ot hear it much better.

okay i know i said i couldnt hear it earlier but i can now :D

I can't hear a damn thing! I just turn 26 2 weeks ago..

My God, that hurts

sonds lik some backround noise of a street or something u can even hear a girl lauging near the end.

I can hear the mosquito buzz just before the tittering starts. I'm 62 USA female.

Gunz- Evan
i have a ringing in my ears. im soo using this in class. i got hags fo teachers.

i am 14 and at first it wasnt annoying but even after my computer was off i could still hear it and its driving me crazy

I am 15 and damn that wasn't annoying, but now I have a headache and my ears are still ringing.

LA State Fan
OMG!!! That sound is so annoying... i m 12, and almost evryone in my class heard it xcept my teacher!

Haha maybe i need miracle ear... i couldn't hear it!

im 20 and i can hear that good :)


i am fifteen and i can hear it loud and clear (no lie_ :)

No name
Uh, Im 14.. And I didnt hear a shit. Meybe its because I hear lower on my right ear. (From sweden)

person--- 17yrs
I heard and I don't really find annoying at all. I don't know why it would be.

haha whoever was bashing ppl on their gramma should know its not the're its "they're" ha they shouldnt try and correct ppl if they themselves have no idea what theyre talking about... i heard it btw. very aggravating.

I can't hear it on the broadcast thing, but i can hear it on the sound wave recording. I'm 12 and personally think that it is stupid how the people put that near a movie theatre. It can be usefull near a bank or something like that. They should also offer other recordings of different mosquito sounds from other places (if any!) : )

I'm assuming about 20khz, just on the verge of human hearing, humans can go from about 20hz to 20khz, i'm a sound op, so i can't hear any more sadly :(

Lady Chaos
We need these in the US!

I'm 25 and i can hear it, but maybe just because i'm swiss (we are the greatest).

My former theology teacher thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread. He was laughing hysterically while playing this sound in class, and of course, he can't hear a thing. All the teachers have been trying it now!


This is not a joke. I am 13 and I can hear it just fine. You all must be tone deaf or something.

iam 10 i can hear it

Jack Kenyon
Personally I think the device is a assault on the Human Rights of these people. This country is a free country and every one of us has the right to use public places INCLUDING those of us under the age of 25

I am ashamed of anyone on this site that thinks that this is a justifiable means. I am 22, have a degree, have never been drunk in streets, and am generally a 'model citizen'. They have recently installed one of these outside the shopping centre in Wimbledon, which is next to the station. Now, whenever I queue to get a ticket, I can hear it. Is that fair? It hurts my ears and makes me feel dizzy and sick. Also, the effect from it lasts even after I move away, I still feel ill for about 15 minutes afterwards. I see no reason why I should be subjected to this torture. They could play classical music or something to deter people without causing harm, but when a noise causes pain that should not be allowed. Even if only a small percentage of people are caused pain by this, it should not be allowed. This should be illegal.

most tones like that come from t.v. sets

I'm 11 and I can hear it loud and clear. My dad can't hear it but my mom can hear it a little when it starts.

I'm 18 I couldn't hear the one from this link very well, but my boss sometimes plays it in the break room. And I can hear that one very well. haha it sucks.

Its way tooo loud almost deafining my head hurts very very loud

im 14 and i can hear it it really hurts my ears!!!

im 17 and cant hear anything special! But i was wondering why cant i get the ringtone on my phone

dat is so cool
i can hear it im 11 my mum cant hear it and shes 48 dat is so gonna be ma mew ringtone

I can hear upto 19.something khz frequency

I didnt hear it at first but then i heard it!!

theres no noise

16 yr old
I can hear it it's awful! Now I can hear it on the tv, even though its not fuzzy. Its not like a normal sound, but I can't describe it lol! like a constant spark that comes from inside your head!!!

lol it doesnt matter how old you are, it depends on your hearing. i know you probably didnt notice that your hearing went down but if you cant hear it and your pretty young then it did, maybe from blasting the music in your ears to loud might have damaged it

I am 35 and I cant stop hearing it!!!! Sounds like a crt (TV) high pitch noise.

i am 12 and i cant hear it! i am so mad am i old or something!

the expert
thats because the radio quality is poor i suggest you do a google search and ull find the noise in mp3 format ( believe me it is annoying ) =0

im 25 and had to send my girlfriend in to turn it off. Maybe i should give up the tonic wine aye right

I'm 88 and i heard it perfect baby.

Shane Brisbane
If you can't hear it and don't believe it's there, try playing the sound with Winamp with the spectrum analyser showing (below the timer display). Then you'll see the high frequency registering at full strength in pulses. Also try opening the file with a wave editor if you have one, it'll show up as a very dense looking wave.

Shane Brisbane
Thats the sound they use at Maroochydore Plaza. I'm 27 and it drives me nuts.

I'm twelve and I couldn't hear it on the radio article link there but I can hear exactly the same sound on another link, so I reckon I'd be able to hear it in real life. To all you annoyed kids out hear, this works both ways! They've developed a ringtone only kids can hear so if your phone goes off in class, your teacher won't hear it!!

hailey (16) tennessee
yes, i can hear it. what i find very interesting is that young children, like 7 yrs, can't hear it, and many adults can't also. so im guessing that there is an age group. but then again, it really all depends what kind of sound you are exposed to your entire life and what kind of damage is done to your ears. but i do think that it would be a VERY sucessful way of stopping teenage crimes! so im with it all the way!


Svara the sidekick
I can't hear it and my ear was right up against the speaker but i am only 13 what is up with that

i went on a site whitch tests your hearing, and apparently i am not supposed to hear one which says im a dog! i dont listen to a mp3 player is there a coincedence. im 13

TOM, the age given is by no means exact, if you read other comments, you can tell that many people far older than 25 can hear it.

bitch, wtf if this. i am 14 and hear nothing but kit=ds yelling a hammer or basketball and background noises.

i could hear a very faint beep sounding noise underneath all the other stuff, and it took me like 2 tries to recognize it by the way i am 14

Refuse to be named
Im 15 and I hear it but it is not annoying at all.

Nik from toronto
Just hear someone laughing in the background :(...have tried this sound clip on other sites and still can't hear 24.

nik and dale -- cows rule
we can hear it and my uncle can (hes 66) and my parents cant and theyr 47 and 46 my dogs cant hear it either lol they def stupid dogs. =D

I am 13 and I heard it. That sound it not that annoying after the first time but the second time it gets very annoying. :)>

wacko jacko
ahh! its agonzing

i am 14 and i could hear it and my dad is 54 and he couldn't hear it gave me a headache

im 13 and i can hear it perfectly fine but i dont see how this would drive people away and it doesnt linger in my head afterwords either

Young one
Wow i dunno why but that hurt my ears. I'm 13, i heard it perfectally.

No name as of yet
Qazzaq wrote: "Moo I am a professional sound engineer - 49 years old - and i cannot hear it. My 17 year old son can. By the way - the level of education on this site must be just above moron. I have had a lot of fun reading the terrible grammar and spelling. I am sure that their kids are hanging around malls as they sure aren't doing any homework! " Haha...their...moron. It's the're. It is their you dumbass. The're isn't even a word. Also, Im 21 and cant hear it.

I'm 15 and all i hear is a really high pitched buzz and its not all that annoying like I got used to it within the first 2 minutes.

i can hear it cristal clear its th bomb of a ringtone

no name ;)
dude. all you people over 25 can't hear it. you just hear road noise, laughing, and a hammer. DUHH! everyone under 25 probally didn't have there speakers up loud enough! godd. ya'll are dumb

i am 16 with perfect hearing and i could hear it perfectly! wow this is cool!

35 yo, i hear

19, and i can hear it with the sound turned up all th way.

it hurts i can hear very good and it hurts

Some girl
Im 11 and I could barely hear it... wow.

I'm 15this thing almost gave me a headache, even at mid-volume. This is an excellent crime deterent, just because its so annoying, and almost painful after a while

l wanna listen to this sound

i hear it

Im 20 I heard it perfectly fine it is in a loop.. Of course being a computer tech i hear alot o high pitched frequencies from the different components n the PC. but this wow,. to me kinda sounds like being right up againts a burning out florencent light bulb

Tomas Richardson
Social networking site MySpace is to block users from uploading copyrighted music to its pages...

Elliot Cooke
A musical about the witches from The Wizard of Oz breaks West End box office records, its producers say...

Elliot Cooke
A musical about the witches from The Wizard of Oz breaks West End box office records, its producers say...

Ronnie Moore
Social networking site MySpace is to block users from uploading copyrighted music to its pages...

Ronnie Moore
Social networking site MySpace is to block users from uploading copyrighted music to its pages...

deadly chicken
13-that was bloody annoying and painful, i want that for my mobile :)

Kaylee White
Wow, thats bull. Seriously like hearing a buzzing noise is going to stop someone from stealing if they had planned on it, and Trying to control who comes in and out of stores should be illegal, its like "You're a teenager let me see you're wallet to make sure you have money to buy things." which is a unwanted police search, which if you live in Canada its illegal PS- The noise is really annoying, and in my class everybody had to plug their ears, and afterwords people felt like their ears were bleeding.

could this possibly work with 2 year old children who have extremtly high picted screams. So high that they hurt your it ears tell me this could help?

im 13, all i heard was people's voices and stufff but isnt it supposed to sound like an insect

aww man!~ that so anooyin i cabt even friggin hear it! its drivin me nuts i wanna c wat it sounds like too i played it and all ihear was ppl laughin and talkin...?

wow thats really intresting id love to her it to see if its true. But the one youve got playing does not work and im youth lol

im 10 and can hear it

At first I couldn't hear it, but then I turned up my speaker a bit and I started hearing it. It's just a high-pitch noise to me, it doesn't give me headaches or bad feelings at all. By the way I'm 15.

my friend had it on @ school we all laughed cos the teacher did not hear it haha but now it keeps going on in my head and is annoying. i have a headache.

no name! :P
i can hear it and i am 91!!! boo yeah baby! o and i am also devorced so u hott guy come lookin 4 me in holywood!!! im a sexy beast

I use to think its funny but after hearing it on loop for a full class period I cant even think straight now

I'm 15 and I can just barely hear it. I don't think I have hearing problems, so I dunno... >.

I'm 14 and I couldn't hear that o_o

I'm 16 and I heard it and it wasn't annoying or anything, but I've turned it off and I still hear it and NOW I'm annoyed.

I'm 24 years old, the lead singer in a heavy metal band, former US Marine (used to work under hovering helos) and gun enthusiast(using mild ear protection, plugs at most), and owner of very respectable home and car stereos. I can hear this tone.

what the hell i can't hear anything and i just turned 13!!! my friend let me listen to this and i could hear that just fine!!!>_

I am 42 and I hear voice

I can hear it, yeah Tom; are everyone deaf? this is crazy!!

I heard it just ears hurt right now though. My dad hear it off and on.

i'm 14 i can hear it p.s. it hurts my ears

can not hear it
i am 9 and not hear it

It would be annoying, if its volume were up enough; I'm not hard of hearing and just over 50.... Interesting!

What I want to know is this. If I made a sound thing that deterred all people over the age of 25 and stuck it in every club in the world, should it be legal? NO. Loitering can be illegal. Intentional and malicious acts by civilians are illegal. The sound deterrents are illegal, in the U.S. If these are sold here, I would move away, because this sort of thing is the type of mess that dictatorships and communists and governments who want to control their people want to have. Whoever created this has found a way to mass-control the population.

"Moo I am a professional sound engineer - 49 years old - and i cannot hear it. My 17 year old son can. By the way - the level of education on this site must be just above moron. I have had a lot of fun reading the terrible grammar and spelling. I am sure that their kids are hanging around malls as they sure aren't doing any homework! " Haha...their...moron. It's the're.

I am 16 and I hear nothing but road noise, laughter, and a hammer. Of course I may have misconstrued the road noise for the "faint buzzing" I turned my speakers up and heard nothing... I think this is a joke.

Where can I buy one?

I'm 19, I can't hear anything.

I'm 17. I barely heard a thing. If it's there, it's not that annoying to me. ;/

i take that back i did hear it!

i didnt hear anything yea your retarted if u think u hear something!

I could hear it, only slightly though! (I'm 16)

I'm 18 with perfect hearing and I can't hear a thing. All I hear is something that sounds like water.

I'm 14, and when I heard it at first, it wasn't annoying. Almost pleasent, in fact. But when I turned it off, it kept going in my head, and it won't go away!

I am 23, and all I can hear is what I would describe as "normal background noise." Not painful, not even really unpleasant, just...noise. I actually found out through testing a few years ago that I can hear pitches that most people can't hear, no matter their age, and I STILL can't hear it. I wonder why the cut-off age is 25?

I'm 16 I can hear it is everyone else deaf?

im 23 and i didn't hear a thing and my cousin is here and she didn't hear anything either, she is 20 is this a joke?

david 16yrs
it is not pain full 2 lission to and i enjoy the puls of the sound i thik it is a good idea to bring this out in to public thow

Me and my dog were both listening to this, and none of us reacted at all, i dont see how its annoying.

Victor Otes
I could easily hear the sound I am a "mosquito" I am 110

im 16 and i heard it just fine it was kinda drown out a bit by the background sounds but wtv i still heard it some guy in my class did this and the whoel class could hera but the 2 teachers said they only heard a faint buzzing sound CRAZY!

sum guy
im 14 and i can here the sound but it is not anoying at all i cud lisen 2 it all day(not like i cud b boverd)

Where can I buy one?

I'm 12 and I CAN'T hear it

Richard, 17
It really isn't all that annoying; TVs make that noise when they're switched on so I'm used to it. I'm against this thing being used en masse to buffet young people around (as Sylvia was suggesting), that would lead them to "colonize" areas where the sound could not be heard - surely a bad thing for all involved. Don't forget, also, that should the adult population use measures such as these too widely, we may just shove cotton wool in our ears and do everything you think using the mosquito will stop us doing, only magnified tenfold. Why?, because you tried to stop us. It would be purely out of spite and a sense of rebellion - what teenagers do best.

we're 15 and can't hear the god damn noise!! i guess we're old people :( x

Emily R.
i juss wanna say i was amazed by this because its so0o accurate!!!good job on who ever devolped this sound system!!

hiii my name is alex im 15 and i could of swore my head was melting its like a mental ear torturee !!!

Can these items be bought by the general public, it would help us in our street

I'm 42 and I can hear it fine. I have always protected my ears from loud noises. Perhaps that's a factor.

how could i not of heard it

catherine carter
i can hear the sound and it is soo annoying. i am 14 yrs old and i live in lincolnshire!! thanks for letting me hear it!

Plastek 18yr
God. I feel like my head is going to blow up after this

Nearly a Teen...
I am Gona b 13 nxt yr and i couldnt hear a thing x

omg thats really hight pitched im gunna show me mam 2moz lool

OK, yes, that is pretty annoying (I'm 27). It's a similar concept to the 'cat scarers' people can buy for their gardens - I can hear them too, and a neighbour's device has made it all but unbearable to spend any length of time relaxing in my parents' garden. Liverpool Street station in London has a similar noise running all of the time, I don't know whether it is to scare away pests of the human or animal variety, or what... but I had to wait for a train for a long time there recently, and came away with a splitting headache. The look of pain on my face must have been pretty bad, because a policewoman came over to ask me if I was OK. Never mind the questionable morals behind labelling people as undesirable purely because of their age: these devices CAN be heard by adults and those with sensitive hearing, and can cause distress!

I am a professional sound engineer - 49 years old - and i cannot hear it. My 17 year old son can. By the way - the level of education on this site must be just above moron. I have had a lot of fun reading the terrible grammar and spelling. I am sure that their kids are hanging around malls as they sure aren't doing any homework!

god, can anybody on this website spell correctly...........o and the sound is cool

I can hear the sound but my parents can't. It is really annoying but I would love to have it on my mobile so teachers wounld't know if my phone went off in school!

Andy Flandy
I LIKE THIS SOUND i listen to it in class and i start dancing!


I can hear it, im 14, but its not that bad, all it does is kinda make me feel dizzy if its really loud

Great device. I'd love to know if there is anything available in the UK or US to deal with rude neighbors with dogs.

Drummer from hell
I am 15 and i stood outside a shop which has this device, all my mates moved away complaining about it, but i couldn't hear it a bit

my mum and dad can both hear it. i dont think it works!

Felipe Soto Honores
I listen the "Mosquito Sound"... it's a good idea use this sound in the troublemakers.

i can hear it and my mother can't my ears doesn't heart and i cant put it on my cell phone :(

wow my mother can't hear it i must put it on my cell phone for messages my mother not to look!i ashed her:What can you hear mum?"and she said someone is laughing and some other noises,but what about a mosquito mum?What mosquito?!

I would like to hear it but it doesn't seem to work.

Think twice... Shame on you!!!
This is for the adults that made comments on the troubled youth. First off i would liek to say shame on you!!! You were once a teen and im pretty sure taht if you think back to when you were a teen you had your "chill spots" wihyour friends. And back then there were adults taht thought you were nothing but trouble, and once the teenagers of today become parents they will have the same mentality as you. Child, teen or adulyt, you deserve some respect. You cannot lable teenagers as trouble makers. I am 20 years old and I am a proper church girl taht listens to her parents and does her school work. I have a steady boyfriend and i go to the movies one in a blue moon with my friends. Just because you label ALL teenagers as troublemakers you drive me and my friends away from the one day we have time to go out. It is not fail on our parts to suffer because of the few that do cause trouble. And let me say this, teenagers cause trouble because they are looking for attention. If the parents of today gave their children the proper form of attention, children would not be going out and causing distructive behaviour and vandalizing properties. So before you go and blame the teenagers of today, blame the parents oftoday. Because if it weren't for the parents the children would not turn out "bad". Let me just set an example of what i am talking about. My parents give me alot of attention. They spoil me, their always interested in my school work and in my social life and listen to my problems all the time and try their best to help me solve them. On the other hand they do the total opposite to my brother. They do not care where he goes, who he goes out with, what time he will be home, whether or not if he would even end up comming home, they are not interested in his school work, the types of friends he has, orwhat he's going to be doing with his life. This has drivin my brother into drugs. If they would have stoped him fromhanging out with the wrong croud, been interested in his school and motavated him into doing good and helped him out or even if they had been there for him he would not have ended up the way he has. Now when he goes out and disturbes the community, vandalises or becomes violent, the community lqabels him as a bad person. They do anything in theirpower to get rid of him (by calling the cops, threatning him etc.). The person whom they should be blaming is my paretns. So before you label teenagers, label yourselves. If it werent for the parents of today, teenagers would not be so distructive. And for you to drive teenagers out of public places you are showing no respect to the generation of today, so how do you expect them to show respect for you or the community!!!!!

S. Tafel
I'm 15 and with the sound up all the way the noise makes me feel dizzy.

Peggy Vorse
your right I can hear very little of it. But what if it was a little louder,with high pitch. I'm liver with refrigerator like that and Sears that is is fine! I end up with a headache every night and can't think strait.

i can hear it and i am 17 but so can my dad-over 40?!!

I cant hear it and i got perfect hearing and im 15

my mom can hear it and she is 43

i have 2 geat-grand kids and i can hear it. are they trying to drive everybody away?

A rowdy teen
I hate this thing! -16 It hurts my ears.

I'm 23 and that thing was bloody painful, trouble is...I'm in the police so it'll just make things bad for me as well haha

I can hear it but don't think i would be able to hear it if it was going off in my pocket or something. it wouldbe better for it to be a proper ringtone which only you couldhear or something - but like thats ever gonna happen!

im 26 and i can hear it lol. ive got to get one of these for the chavs in my town. Hope i can get a portable one with ear plugs.

There's too much background near the middle, but you can really hear it in the beginning. My ears hurt to the extent of bleeding.

I'm 15 turning 16 in two weeks or so. Good lord that is irritating. It isn't that bad for a few seconds but as it goes on it gets worse :( If one of the malls in my area put that up I would be rather unhappy seeing as I often have days off since my school observes Jewish holidays. I can't hear it nearly as well if I'm not facing my speakers directly. I would imagine this sound would be even louder in the malls and such so it would truly be a deterrent :|

wow i listened to this with my parents and they didnt hear anything...

I cant hear antything

i am 78 and i can hear the noise.

Cheri - 19 Years Old
It's like a wavy "EEEEEEE". It's irritating. I'd probably hate it. :/

You can hear the second link clearly but you can barely hear the first.

there is a lot of background noise, try synthesizing it next time

I tinks dat it iz well bad man, dey is trying to keep us yoof down wiv dis attack on our human rights

Mike Pavletich
I am only a few months from 40, and I can hear the sound very well. It penetrates to the core of my brain and it really hurts. Good deterrant, but a better solution would be a total societal change and complete removal of the whimsical political correctness and the unbalanced form of human rights that gives troublemakers the right to sue an honest man or woman that should give the troublemaker a well deserved and long overdue kick in the ass and clip around the earhole, then demand full restitution.

that was weird!! i could hear it when i was 12

It gives me a bad headache!

"I wish I could hear it"? You better not. I am 24 years old (and I've long ago found out that I am very susceptible to high frequencies - 16kHz and above). To me, this sound is sheer torture and you bet I'd run from any place with this thing around just as fast as I can!

Cant hear a thing, must just be me....i rele wantd 2 hear it aswell....poor me!!

it probably depends on how good your ears are.

the grim reaper
BS i'm 15 and i caant hear this sound...its bs!

A teen
Annoying, but usefull. I can hear it, and it gets me a headache, but the teachers can't hear it: When I get a cellphone, I'll use that as my ringtone. now we can have our cell phones ringing in class and not get in trouble for having a cell phone there in the first place. =)

dat woz werd i didnt no wot 2 listen 2 i cood hear a squeek an i aam 14 ma lil sis is 10 an she coodnt hear it an ma dad coodnt ever

I can't hear it and I just turned 14 last september. =( I was going to use this as part of my science fair project. I wish I could hear it. I couldn't hear anything but my ears felt a bit werid and hurt a bit while I was listening to it.

trina 18
I can hear the sound, but it doesn't hurt, it's just like white noise, not really a deterrent.

ive heard this sound at the mall and at a couple of stores and now ive heard it one million times on the internet

No Name
I cant hear it and im 14

my parents can hear it

im 2 scared to listen to it. its sounds like its a deffening sounds. I was wondering why some people can hear it and some cant. How come some you teens can't hear it??

I agree with ryan
Yes, if someone tried to put that up somewhere in my neighborhood, I would be more inclined to vandalize that place, especially since that noise doesn't bother me because I've had to deal with it from my old tv for years. A feeble attempt to keep away us teens.

Tiffany 16
i didn't hear it in the the demostration above but i have heard it before i'm not sure if it's the same thing

it's really cool, my mom can't hear it, but all my friends and my younger sisters and i can hear it. nice discovery!

Has gavin swallowed a thesaurus? My car insurance charges me more because OTHER people my age and sex have accidents. Prejudice happens every day mate. You clearly do not own a shop do you? You will undertand the problems caused by youths hanging around premises when you actually own one. Try asking THEM why they are there and sorting out their family problems for them. Maybe build a local swimming pool for them to go to because they have not got any local amenities. This is usually beyond the powers of a corner shop owner. Gavin for Prime Minister.

a teenager
it doesnt hurt my ears i just hear it

I think that its a terrible idea , young people have rights too !!Not everyone goes around vandalising and terrorising old ladies . Young people have just as much right to be there as adults.

bryn dukes 12
i can hear it and my sisters can but my mum and dad cant

i think it is a disgrace that in this day and age we are victimising young people by playing screaching noises through there ears. We might not like young people hanging araound, but its the life cirlce we all live in, we were all young once. if young people were given the correct respect they deserve then maybe things would not be as bad. totall unacceptble !!!!

It hurts my ears and my head... i think it works too well.

Gabrielle Saunt
Top one! I want that noise!

john 15
the sound makes it hard to focus on anything. real effective, not too moral.

i can hear it perfectly. so can my brother. but my step dad can not. its really high pitched & ihave a head ache now

georgina 24
Woo I can't hear it. Would really love to get some for my house- we have a group of about 16 teens who hang around every night & cause alot of vandalism that the police don't seem to want to know about unless we get cctv proof. Sadly these things cost a fortune.

Daniel McVicker
i think it is a great idea and is there one to make dogs shut the hell up coz there are some dogs that dont stop barking and i herd if u get the frequnecy right than it shuld deter the dog away and even make it stop that true ????

um... I can make that exact sound with the gap in my teeth. :)

I think that this will actualy cause vandalisim i find that the more someone tries to prevent destructive vandalism the more determined youths are to do it. As for the sound it is annoying , but tolorable , I would not want to be threr for long.

miki 15
i cannot hear anything except a very very faint noise

I can hear

A Lawyer
a. Use of this sound is Not Illegal. b. It is not being used as torture c. Loitering is an offence (take note!) That said, I believe this should be used only as and when needed, not constantly.

yo0 i heard it on BET like a few weeks ago but now i can't hear it...should that have happened so0 quickly?!?

Big D
my teacher turns that on his cell phone to shut us up. then laughs and laughs b/c he is about 40 and so he cannot hear a thing. ouch..

I can hear it, but I hear it all the time from eletronic devices, it doesn't bother me one bit.12

Chris (15)
teachers if you think usin this in your room will work it wont we use it ourselves sorry to put ya down

Willow (15)
I can hear. High pitched sound. But so can my 46 year old mother... It doens't bother me in the slightest. I'ts just a little bit irritating.

Rachel- 20
I used to have a saturday job in a shop and although there were some young shoplifters most of them were older people who took their kids with them to make them look innocent while they shoplifted and some young shoplifters were influenced to do it by their parents so it's kind of unfair. I heard it and it would annnoy me if i listened to it long enough.

Natalie (27 years old)
I could hear it, after that length of time my ears were beginning to hurt a little. I wouldnt want to stay and listen to that for too long. Good deterant!

Holy !!! I'm 52 years old, have a cold and stuffed up eustachian tubes and that sound hurts! That's cruel and unusual punishment to use against anyone, let alone kids.

reading all the comments it dosen't depend on your age it just matters what kind of hearing you have.some people over 25 can still hear it and some people under 25 can't opinion:no matter what age you are doesn't matter its just your hearing.i think its stupid that it all depends on your age but apparently it doesn't.

In response to Justin's comment. thsi would be used at night to stop gangs hanging around outside closed shops and centres, not in everyday life when people are shopping/ going about their business

i am 14 and i cant hear it!!

I am 30 and I can hear it. And I definitely would not shop anywhere that I could hear that sound. So if the plan is to get rid of customers, than I would say keep it up.

tomme 17 yrs old
i couldnt hear a thing, but after a few mins of playing it i started to get a small head ache.

Elizabeth (15) Andy (12)
only heard background noise of ppl tlkin and silence so it doesnt work us either

Rob, 18
the sound clip is quite quiet and the kids hanging about making noise in the background may cover it a bit but i could here it quite clearly when i turned up the volume a bit despite the other sounds, i understand how it would deter people, but it is unfair.

I know some 30 and 40 year olds who are equally or more troublesome than some young people. But nothing seems to be done to move them on. I have two young girls 7 and 11 and we love shopping together. However, this sort of deterrent not only drives away the youngsters but also their parents - you know the ones with the money! I know there are some trouble makers but calling all young people "yobs" and assuming they are a problem will only make matters worse. There are some very decent and responsible young people out there. Alienating them at such a young age will only breed resentful adults.

Human Rights Violation

Kayla, 21
I can hear it, I can actually hear the sound wave up to 21.1 MHz, my ears have always been very sensitive, and I usually can hear people whispering from across the room. I need to get this ring tone. The songs I have now just annoy people, now they won’t know what the heck is going on. Although, I think my ears may be bleeding.

I am 21 years old and this noise is terrible. coming from florida it is not an uncommon noise for me. but still very unpleasent. i will never listen to it willingly again..

Dustin (14)
i listened to it for like 5 minutes and i'm fine i wanted it for a ringtone but my cell dosn't have internet.

i can hear it it would be good for a ringtone at school!!!

Antony (14 Years old)
If these are put up where i live they wont last a week.

JOHN (18)

Kenan from belgium
it's awfull I have some shivers everywhere and I feel upset!! It's very crap that adult are doing that to teen... We will become adults then we have to be consider like person and no dogs who has to be eject.. Sorry for my english but I do what I can...

Carla (33)
I can hear it, and it's really unpleasant and annoying - could only manage a few seconds. Btw, I'm a piccolo player so have had an awful lot of exposure to loud high pitched sound over the years.

Carla (33)
I can hear it, and it's really unpleasant and annoying - could only manage a few seconds.

I'm 72 and can hear from 13000 to 20,000

Olly (12 Years Old)
All I could here was the square in the backround. Google this and play it really loud and its better. The place I got it off was Digg.

Phill-14 yrs old
Didn't hear anything

Ok im 11 years old !~~~$$ and i can har it, why cant a 17 year old hear it ? ??

im 16 and have heard this noise for years and never knew what it was. I could hears tv and things from many meters away. But when we got a new big screen tv it drove me insane so as a teen ive just had to deal with it and take alot of headache medication.

Richard, age 17
OMG!!! I feel so special!!! I can hear it!!! but it doesn't hurt me at all... I am upset now because I think that I have something wrong with my hearing... can someone help me???

Jamie (13 years old)
I didn't hear one thing. I was hoping to hear it but i didn't.

it makes my ears very sore and gives a headache, but i can only hear a faint noise.

i am 18 and cant hear ANY thing! i asked my 5 year old sister and 10 year old brother..all they said they heard was the sound of being im wondering why some 40 year olds are annoyed by this and im not...

Ed (28)
I suffer from tinnitus and find the noise excruciating. If I encounter one of these devices I'll be sorely tempted to sue the owner.

Jason, 34
Yep, I hear it. On and off at short intervals. At first I thought no big deal, then I listened to it a few more times. About 5 minutes after I listened to it the last time, my ears were still ringing.

Eva- 16
My father(56 years old) can hear it!!! what a rubbish!

Ryan, 14
im 14 and i cant hear it??? im special =)

I am 36 years old, I still can hear it now after I stopped i still hear it ringing in my head, sort of a old monitor sound, I work everyday with music and produce tracks but this not damaged my ears very much.. anyway I think it will not works cose not only young people will be affected by this sound.

At my school we just found out about the sound and it is VERY ANNOYING........the best part is though the teachers cant here it

i am 11 i think its soothing

i tried the sound and both my parents chould hear it

Picture this scene:: Mom: Lets go to that store and spend 35 trillion dollars! Kid: Ouch my ear hurts! Mom:Well i gues we have to go home... Shop owner: NOOO PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!! moral: annoying innocent children isn't worth getting rid of troubled ppl who lean on stuff

I am 13, have a program called audacity and it only generates noise up to 20000 Hz

If there is such an annoying noise (which I hear by the way), why are those young girls laughing in the backround? Shouldn't they be running for their lives - er - ears?

It is just me...
Nevermind everybody, I do hear it after all. There was no noise in the "BBC Radio Swindon feature" version of the noise, but if you click "Listen to the soundwave" you should be able to hear it. I did and its the same one my friends used at school. Some kids didn't hear it, so don't feel bad if you don't. Feel good in fact that people won't be stopping you from putting up some graffitti. (that was a joke). (not really).

Is it just me....?
Most of these people that put comments here said they couldn't hear it, and I can't either ( I'm 14 by the way) If adults put this sound on here then how would they know if there was something there or not if they can't even hear it? I think they recorded some silent mosquito and some kids ran away to make them think it was working, because I couldn't hear a thing right now, and today at school I heard it just fine.

Aaaaa my ears!!!!!!

It's not very nice but if it makes you feel better to punish an entire set of people for the actions of a few then go ahead. I mean, obviously ALL teenagers are bad news. Jesus, it's just cruel. jebends.

i can hear up to 21000Hz but can not hear any higher i am wanting to know what Hz stands for?

i hearde it fine but it is so anoying

I am an audiologist and it is rubbish. People lose their hearing (usually) by ageing and noise exposure. This attacks high frequencies first. In this age of personal music devices, more and more young people will lose this.

Joe (16 Years old)
I heard silence and some background noise of the public street... not affected me!

Justin - 15 years old
As a first note, I listened to it for about 10 seconds and had to shut it off. Right now, over 30 minutes after playing it for only ten seconds, my ears are ringing and I have a sharp headache. My eyes were literally watering when I was playing it. In my opinion, this is completely UNFAIR. Teenagers are usually stereotyped as rebels and vandals, just because we have some bad apples in our age group does not make it fair for something to be targeted on all of us! I see this almost the same as racism. This is exploiting a weakness in a certain group, driving us out of places that we have a right to be in. This effects most people with an age

I would just like to say that although this is being used to detur kids from hanging around in large numbers. It is also being used as a ringtone that only kids can hear, I'll leave imagining what that means in a school room up to you.

I'm 23 and this is very annoying. I'm thinking of using this in my classrooms to get my pupils to quieten down.

leo 12
sick as

wee woo wee woo...
i call it biological warfare on teens if it is used to drive them away. i mean get a cop dont harrass their insides. ugh, the sound makes me feel sick

Michelle, 17
My highschool teacher asked all of us to put our heads down and raise our hands when we heard a noise. I waited. After a few seconds, the teacher called my name. As i lifted my head, every student's hand was raised except mine. I have perfect hearing, yet I couldn't hear it. My teacher informed us that at about 2 students out of 30 in each of his classes couldnt hear the noise. What I want to know (and can't seem to find an explanation to) is why some teens CAN'T hear it.

Don't see how it works...
I'm 15, and yes I can hear it, but I hear the same thing constantly from TVs and other electronics so it doesn't make a difference to me.

Peter 34
I went to a hearing specialist and he says my hearing is as good as most ten year olds. Sound gets on my nerves. Other people can tune it out - I can't. The sound? I can still hear a ringing about 5 minutes later or perhaps it is being made by really faint crickets....

Eric, 34
for those of you who listen to the sound offered as an mp3 on this site, remember, this is a recording taken in a public place, that's what all the background noise and laughter is, people in public enjoying themselves. Also, for those of you who complained that this is unfair to teens, I can see your point, but a store that CONSTANTLY has to deal with vandalism and fights out front, and other problems from teens congregating outside their establishments, this is a sensible solution. It doesn't HURT the kids, or even drive them away screaming, it's just generally really annoying to have to listen to for more than a few minutes, if you can actually hear it. And yes, the underlying problems of society should be adressed, to help kids find better things to do, but that's not the responsibility of the stores that are being vandalized. That's the parents' responsibility, or the responsibility of the leaders of the community... but to continue: The "ultrasonic" sound you're attempting to hear should sound like a VERY high pitched squeal, if you are young enough and your ears still undamaged enough, to hear it. By the time you hit about 20, maybe 25, most people have been listening to sounds which are far too loud for the health of their ears, and they can no longer hear such high-pitched sounds as this. I believe in this mp3, it's a "pulsing" sound, on/off/on/off. not 100% sure though. I hear something, but an mp3 is a "lossy" compression, and I could be imagining it. However there are sites on the web that offer these new "ultrasonics" as ringtones, and even allow you to test how high up your range goes. The site I found lets you listen to a pitch as high as 21.1kHz (there's a higher one listed, but it's a joke, they tell you, when you claim to be able to hear it, that "hey, you liar! the 22.4kHz one had NO real sound in it, silly, it was a joke!" ..oh, and by the way, the one just before that, the 21.1kHz tone, is one that only dogs should be able to hear, not humans of ANY age. Still, apparently the site DID use a real tone for THAT test. o you could go download it, put it in an ipod with a speaker or something, and drive some dogs crazy, I suppose... ^_^ ... but if you try it, and get in trouble, don't blame me or the BBC -_- take responsibility for your own decisions.

I can here it, 12 years old
It feels like a hammer in your head

doesnt work. my dad can hear. hes pretty old

Im 13 but i can´t hear it!!

I'm flippin sick of it
Umm, it's kinda like a high pitched scream right? it hurts your ears and makes you want to duck for cover cause the world's ending!

me and my friend ,we are 13 tried this at skool , i left it on and after a while our ears started that 12 year old i can only hear a oceany type sound but i like [i]feel[/i] the white noise.its hard to explain

confused guy
what the hell was all that laghing and stuff in the background anywayz my parents ar 30+ and they can hear it well my dad can only hear it if he puts his head phones on

lee hollins
please send me one for outside my house!!!

I'm 12 but all I hear is an ocean sound with hammering in the background and someone this some kind of a joke?

Amanda ears are very sore now.... there's none of these sounds at stores where i live, but i think that it is totally unfair! there are obviously tons of parents who are in their 30's or 40's who can clearly hear it, so it's not annoying teenagers, but it could be annoying adults too. I think it's a horrible idea and stupid old people should stop assuming that every teenager in the world is causing trouble...cause we're not!!!! i'm 15...

I made my dad come try to hear it to test the theory myself...he turned the sound all the way up and still couldn't hear it. I could though and my hears still hurt.

I can hear all the way to 17 but barely it is awesome

im 17, this noise makes me really sick but also annoyed, this is against young peoples rights. I work hard for an organisation to make things better for young people and give them great opportunities. Adults should'nt stop youths hanging on street corners with preventive devices they should work why they hang out there in the first place i.e. boredom, hate bening at home etc. and try to tackle those problems in the community. Why use a device that is particularly targeted to discriminate against young people hanging out in one place? What is the world coming to? Society would'nt do it to any other social group so why target youths? if they don't hang out on those particular corners they will find somewhere else which doesn't solve the problem of them hanging around in the first place. I want to know if anyone is as disgusted as me with these devices.

I can hear it but it isnt that annoying. I looped it for awhile and was fine.

14 and i cant hear. oops

I'm 12 and i don't know if i just can't hear it but all i can hear is like a "ocean" sound not high piched noise.

wow, i can hear it to 21.1 & i'm 14, ha, my mom didn't belive me at first. it's very interesting by the way :)

ahhhhh! :@:@:@:s
MY EARS!?!?!?!...nah they're sorta alright but the sound get so annoyin...very wuick but i guess thats the 16 by the way

i can hear it but some teachers can't the only problem is the background noises...they'd give it away as a ringtone :(

i'm thirteen and i didnt hear it.

god, my teacher drivers menuts with this sound and then laughs because he can hear it !!

I could hear it but it didn't really annoy me My dog doesn't seem to notice it.

I can hear it even over the ambient sound... quite aggrivating

Wow, I couldn't hear a thing.

going insane
need I say more?

im 27,i can hear it

Carlos Cabal
Im using the same tecnology with my cellphone, I hear the sound but my teacher dont. It is great, downloaded it by the name "mosquito ringtone"

I actually like the sound. Maybe I'm weird...

Hello I'm 27 years old, I can hear it. To me it sounds like a pulsating hearing test frequency. However I understand why you are trying to this but I believe this device is damaging to your ears. It's not good to make someone lose their hearing more quickly. Also if you want the crap the kids are doing to stop, you should simply just be more enforcefull on their punishments, let them stay in prison a while longer. Instead of a little slap on the wrist and sent home.

I'm 24 and could only hear a slight ringing in my ears. The other link tho I could hear loud and clear

My mum is 48 and she can still hear the high pictched noise

I'm 17 and I can hear the most annoying high pitch sound that would drive me crazy. I would not step foot in such a store, nor recommend it......I feel this is not an answer to the problems found in such towns because I myself am a civilized person and I feel I should not be discriminated against due to the number attached to my life span......its ridiculous to group all people based on age!

i am 17 but i cant hear anyting ??? this is bulllll

Yeah its an annoying noise... but play that around the youths your trying to deter, and pretty soon they'll smash the loudspeaker. you lose.


The illegitimate discrimination against a given subset of a population's demographic through a sonic means of repellant; is no different from any kind of racial, religous, or sexual discrimination. When target sections of a population are singled out for discrimination and subjugation under another, this is birth of fascism. Through the oppression of this demographic substrate, the creaters of such a device only further vilify themselves as fascists to certain ages/races. When will they next stop? Perhaps when the entire youth population is imprisoned in a seperate locale, much like the ghetto's of Nazi Germany.

Im fifteen, me and my 11 year old brother can hear it but not my mom, it is really annoying though not when your listening to it but it makes my ears ring still after its over thats the annoying part but the sound itself isnt that annoying

james wrote a loooong comment. he must have been bored, i dont even want to read it

Im sixteen and i couldnt here it but my little sister could

i can hear it easily

I'm 11 and i can hear it, but if it is turned up, my parents, 42 and 38 can hear it, which is strange, when you think that it is played REALLY lound in supermarkets!

Yeah, i can hear it and it annoys me. (18) My dad cant hear it

I'm 13 and I can't hear anything.

My mother who is over 40 can hear it. This stuff does NOT work!!!

I cant hear anything... im 15 =/

i can hear it, it is annoying and my mum and dad cant hear it !!

I cant hear anything but, it makes my head hurt

I can hear people mumbling & and a high pitched sound but.. its not anoying? hehe wouldnt deter me (im 13)

ive listen to a couple of diff. websites with this and they have higher pitches and my ears feel a bit cloudy

Hello again, I have sent the link to the Police, and to the Swindon Council, and to the relevent MP's and to the house of Lords, and to Amnesty Internation, and to the Association for the prevention of turture. As a direct contravention of the definition of their articles, which the UK has subscribed to. For the purposes of this Convention, the term "torture" means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. Under the above definition, this sound which some people here has said is a)PAINFUL or b) Annoying c) Inducing headaches d)Queasy. The police nor shopkeepers have NO RIGHTS to subject the general population to this kind of torture, while in a public place. It is NOT illegal to be young. It is NOT illegal to wait outside a shop. It is NOT illegal to walk down the street. IT IS ILLEGAL TO PERPERTRATE THIS ON THE PUBLIC. I urge every to write or email the mp's, police, sue them if you want. This is the thin edge of the wedge. What next? Maybe because your a youth with blond hair?, after all statistically etc etc Or maybe you young AND black, well then god help you... If we dont stand up to this sort of behaviour, and tell them its NOT legitimate to do this. Believe me they will try this, and man other things. The price of eternal Vigilance. Remember V is for Vigilance. YOUR future & YOUR freedom is the only thing that is at stake.

The sound is a good idea to drive away the deviant but now they have it on their mobile phones and use it as a message alert. It's driving me nuts in lessons!

im 14 year and i coudn't hear

I can hear it but doesnt hurt

The people who are doing this probably really do believe that all young people are vandals and voilent gang members. They probably were that way when they were youngm and naturally assume that young people today are exactly like them.

i cant hear it (im 33), but it does make me feel nauseous. i wont be taking my young children anywhere near these places and would gladly sign a petition to ban them. its plain wrong for so many reasons. wouldent better policing and parenting be far more effective?

I'm 38, and the noise is still annoying. I synthesized a longer continuous 15kHz tone, and it was extremely painful, and I suspect, damaging at high volume over a prolonged period. Not being in the habit of causing criminal damage, nor harassing older passers-by, I would find the continuous use of a device like the one described to be annoying to the point of persuing the operator through the courts on the basis of noise nuisance.

Im 17 and I can hear it... God its anoying... I dont understand why they think it will work though... the people who are causing "trouble" are just going to move else where and do the same thing

Hi im 13 and i hear it loud and clear... it hurts to listen to it, but i can hear it.

dude that sounds anoyin!

i am 14 and i cant even hear the 18 i think my ears r jacked up!!!

im 15 and i hear nothing, i only hear people mumbling in the background.

I believe this is illegal. The government, and the police and the shop keepers maybe damaging people's hearing. And may well get sued. If the individual is not commiting a crime, then there is not reason for this. I will be reporting this to amnesty international. This is just another case of civil liberties being erroded. I hope the youth of today, rise up, and take action against this. And start sueing the police. If a few thousand start sueing maybe the police, and government, better realise, that you cant justify this kind of action against people's freedom. A Concerned UK citizen.

I'm 29 and found it extremely irritating. Guess those concerts didn't do the damage I thought...

Thanks to Rachael I got a clearer copy from Yes I can hear it clearly at 34 and yes, it is VERY annoying. The mp3 on the BBC site above seems to have lost most of the tone when it was downsampled for the web.

yo quiero escuchar el ruido de un mosquito

From New Zealand
My kids are 11yrs, 8yrs and 7yrs and none of them could hear it, I'm not sure it works to well.

I'm 16, and I can hear it. It isn't terribly annoying (unless you find crickets deathly irritating, in which case, don't download it.) I find the clanging sounds superimposed behind it more annoying. Although the sounds doesn't bother me, I find the premise of the system rather repugnant. This is rather stupid ageism on the part of the store owners, though; There are, after all, people under the age of twenty-five who work jobs and have a valid interest in shopping. How is it at all fiscally beneficial to attempt to drive this class of customer away?

not important
it is stupid adults r more likley to cause trouble than kids. we want to shop too.

my son is 6 and he can hear it,my other son is 12 and he can not hear it im 40 and i can hear it.

THe soundwave on this site isn't as good as this other site... its much more annoying and you can hear it better. im 14 and my dad started playing it... very annoyting.

Samantha Jefferis
owwww that hurt who made that that should be deleated that resally really huurrrtt

I hear electricity

Punjabi Al Jabar
I feel it makes my ears hurt and ui am only 67

I'm 28 and heard it perfectly and it was irritating to the point of being nauseous. The pulsing made it sound more like a cricket than a mosquito. I must say, if I was a teen age trouble maker I wouldn't hang around to listen to that. But I'm not. Interesting idea but obvioiusly not thought through or tested well enough.

I think this is all flipped backwards All the kids that r supposed 2 hear it cant and the 40 yr olds can?!! WTF!!!!!!!!!

I'm 12 yrs old I listened 2 it and only heard a VERY faint buzz. On the video i didnt hear anything at all this is all a trick trying 2 make people think this thing is actually there

OK, clear, it works for me. I can hear it, and it is annoying. The makers of the system claim that dogs don't bother the sound. I guess they used old dogs, but my (almost 2 year old) dog tried to break my speakers. I think he disliked it!

im 14 i couldnt hear it

Just put it on my phone (change to 44.100khz first) it still works. Could be useful.

im 15 and i could hear it just fine but i thought it was cool not annoying and my sister who is 18 can't hear it

Me and my twin sister could both hear it. After setting the sound up as loud as it would go, my Aunt who is in her 40's could only hear the people in the background.

Lost Johnny
If you can't hear it, try turning your bass right down and the treble all the way up. Then turn up the main volume up more. I'm 37 and I can just about hear it.

tengo 30 y escucho perfecto

hey i could hear the noise and even my 40 year old mum could hear it? How is that possible? It sounds like the noise of the bats at night.

Well I'm 16 and I can't here anything

Sounds like a very high oscillating half siren sound in the background.

I'm 21 and listening to this sound has made me sick. My head is throbbing and I'm this close to throwing up. God I feel ill.

kyle again
its me again the 10 year old, and my friend ryan heard it for the first time today. he wants to write somthin'. ryan it was satisfying. it lived up to its potentiol. im 12 years old and i dont think it was that annoying.

Amanda Berry
I'm 47 can't hear much on this demo loop but I could hear a proper version I downloaded elsewhere. Saying that I can hear it in some media players and not others. I imagine It could also depend on the frequency reponse of speakers and software players. Even mobile phones could differ. I can normally hear high pitch sounds. So it dificult to tell whether I'm going deaf of just have poor a quality sound system LOL I have heard stange sounds outside shops and thought they were faulty strip lights or Aliens LOL ;)

i made both my parents listen to it to see if it was true, and my little brother was in the room. They both couldnt hear it but my brother asked whats that noise.

That sound wave is a good idea. I just listened to it and it does work. I hate to see big groups of people just hanging around causing trouble coz it gives all teenagers a bad image! 16, kildare, rep of ireland

I don't only find it very annoying, it is also PAINFUL. To play it in public places could actually be a human rights violation to some people. It's unfair to the many people who find it hurts.

Muito interessante, a sensação foi péssima, o som é muito desagradável...

Under fifteen
I heard a muffled buzzing mixed in with some one laughing (that's what it sounded like to me).

15 Year old
Those teens that hang around places and dont cause trouble will move away but those that cause trouble will just distroy the tyhings

I hear it and I'm 36. Annoying.

hype child
didn't hear a thing. maybe my hearing is not so good after all.

just want a say
it's good, i play it in class and it annoys people in my class, but they don't get hurt only annoyed. I was playing it in a science video, everyone could hear it except for our teacher.

I heard it really well, and it hurt my ears. But my mom heard it too, and she's 45. wierd.

I just now saw that some BoingBoing reader has added a comment (to the story where I first read about this) saying that he had measured the high tones of the mp3 as being between 15 and 17kHz. The real teenage-repellent sound should be between 18 and 20kHz as far as I can remember reading. So this may explain why so many of us old people can hear the siren in this mp3 sample. In any case I'm sure that sound frequencies will affect store employees even if they cannot clearly make them out. Since they have to spend their entire day in their teenager-free stores, it would be sweetly ironic if they themselves were to suffer some long term effects.

hola tengo 21 me duele un poco la cabeza luego de oir al mosquito voy a experimentar con mis amigos saludos desde Chile

the coolest person EVER
I can hear it. It really hurts my ears. I heard that teens started downloading this for their ringtones so only they could hear their phones ring in class. *wink wink*

I'm 18 and I couldn't hear the one on the radio show but with the second link... I definitly heard it and yea it's pretty annoying and my mother heard nothing

I don't think thats the real sound because I am 56 and could hear it fine. I have a copy of sound from another site, and I can't hear it, but it drives my 15 yo son out ot the room. I checked the wave forms, and they are very different.

I am 19 I listen to the sound I hear it. But it does not bother me. The sound is not irritating. Its a little high pitched but it sounds to me just like a common noise i hear a lot.

i am 60 i did not hear the sound but my ear drums hurt

I'm 29 and i can hear it fine, as can most of my coworkers who range from 20-35

JonJon 14
at first i was like o, thats not rilly THAT annoying, whats weird is that even if u put the volume verrrry quiet (like 2% on winamp) u can still here it loud as if the volume was turned still listenin...An now i only listened to it 4 20 secs and the place under my ears aches... this's messed up...*5 mins pass* WOWZ omg...i think its giving me an orgasm!! gtg!

I'm 37. I can hear it but unless I crank up the volume a litle it is more like a pressure sensation in my head than a clear sound. Annoying, yes absolutely! Until I turned the volume up I wasn't sure if the sound was really there or if it was my imagination playing a trick on me because I had read about a sound supposedly being there. Afterwards I ran it through a Mac shareware app called Amazin Slow Downer to turn the pitch down. When I do that the sound becomes incredibly loud! But it makes me more uncomfortable when I can barely hear it because I tend to get sort of paranoid when I feel that something is wrong but I cannot clearly determine what it is. Fear of losing it I suppose. I hope it is true that someone has now found a way to make this into a ringtone which enables teenagers to send SMS messages discreetly in class. You kids shouldn't stand for this kind of thing. Fight back!

Hear it fine. even on low volume. Not annoying

my mom is 50 and she said all she could here was rumbling

I am 17 and I heard it. My ear hurt afterward. Its interesring some some adults cannot hear it. I'm a flutist though, so I am used to hearing high frequencies I guess.

I really can't see how this sound will keep ppl away, I hear it and it doesn't make me feel sick whatsoever..

I'm 27, and as Pauline said, I think this will do more harm than good--I've got a screaming headache now, and I can tell you, any store with this playing will NOT get my business.

Carlo. (14)
Most humans are born with the ability to hear frequencies from about 20 Hz (low) up to 20,000 Hz (high) but that range shrinks as we get older. A guy in England figured that meant kids can hear things adults can't - specifically, very high frequencies. He created a device that pulses an annoying tone at about 15,000 Hz with the idea that when the device is used, it will repel kids while being unnoticed by adult. Perfect for solving that youth-loitering problem you've been having in front of your shop, but you will lose alot of money.

dude, teens aren't stupid. you can't just repel them like bugs. they'll just wear earplugs. and anyways, adults are equally to blame for most of the crimes that happen. Kids just loiter because they need a place to loiter. It's not like every teen is like "hey lets go loiter around that shop and then break in and vandalise random stuff". like jeeze.

I played it in my science 11 class for an experiment and out of 32 kids, 21 could hear it. the other 11 admited to listening to loud music, so their eardrums are probably shot. the teacher thought we were playing a joke, cause he couldnt hear it.

WTF im 17 and i didnt hear a thing

jacob austin
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's so annoying! I love it.

I'm 35 and have been to a lot of concerts and i can hear it just fine. But now my ears hurt so thanks for that.

I'm 23 and I didn't hear anything at all....but I did feel some pressure on my eardrums and they ached, but thats it. Maybe all those concerts I've attended got the best of my hearing.........dunno

im 24 and i cant hear a thing ???????

So it comes to this. Treating the youth of today as if they were insects. The device may drive them away but still doesn’t address the problem. They will only move somewhere else. What then? More devices installed until the point that you have to stay indoors and soundproof your walls in order to keep your sanity? Instead of installing dehumanizing repellant devices, their resources could be better spent in creating activities for these children. Perhaps someone will come up with a device that is very irritating only to the elderly. Do you think that society would accept that as readily as they have this? If I come to a shopping mall and hear one of these devices they will not get any of my money. I’m 34 and can hear it easily. Keep this in mind. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Hopefully they will hold on to the resentment they feel for the fascist adults and make their life miserable in their golden years. That would be fair and just. If you are upset about teenagers just hanging out then you have either forgotten what it is like to be a teenager, or you had no life as one. You reap what you sew and I hope that the kids that are victimized by this device will remember the intolerance the adults of today, so they can pay back the elderly of tomorrow with the same.

jackie & andrew from waterloo
we just heard about this on mtv and thought we'd check it out, not really thinking it could be true. We can both still hear it, and definitly made our heads feel weird. Not really a headache, but like a swimming feeling. being 21 and 22, we are past the age of hanging out in front of stores. We both work full time jobs are out of high school and are not the type to cause trouble. however, we would visit stores that might very well be blasting this sound. How do they expect people who are there to shop or whatever, deal with that noise? And if people as old as 50 are hearing, i guess its not really working as well as they'd hoped now is it?

Pat Molvik
I'm 39. I used a spectral analyzer on the above MP3. There is a high frequency pulse that I was able to isolate and actually hear. For those of you that are having difficulties hearing the tone, try shutting off your monitors while playing the MP3 file. Your monitor puts out a tone very close to the ring tone and may be masking what is coming out of your speakers

McKenzie MG
The fact people were so readily to use this is quite disheartening. Funny how something that's supposed to stop loitering is painful to many people of different ages like myself (23), my Father (53), and a couple of my friends (15-45), INSTANTLY. The lack of concern shown for any adverse side affects and what affects it has on any local wild life is quite disturbing as well. Sound and vibrations are not some simple little play toys to dick around with at your own whim. You're only asking for trouble in the future.

I'm 41, I guess I have young ears because that sound wave is annoying to me. So I bet their is other adults out their that can hear it to.

i cant hear it with my ipod head phones but i can hear it with my other ones

Im only 15 and i thought this was a terrible noise. Its pitch is piercing and annoying. I would not want it as a ringtone

Guillermo Power
Well, I am nearly 30 and I can hear it. It is bloody annoying too!!!

couple of things. first, ow, it hurts my ears. second, if they don't want teenagers hanging around they could hire someone to "recruit" them for employment. third, isn't it degrading? treating us like animals. pet owners have similar things to call their pets (dog whistles) and things like shock collars. it's getting very close to that same idea. i'll be 21 in 5 months and i heard it plain and clear. my mom, who is 48 didnt, and my 13 yo sisters did. but then is what was expected.

Sally Suzy
Sweet im 12 and can hear it!!!!!! its an awsome idea and i dont think its discrimination because SOME teachers are mean and they pick on u and they deserve it lol hahaha just kidding lol

everyone at school has found out about it and some kids aren't affected. so those kids annoyed everyone else with it

im 4 1/2 and i can hear the nosie. me no likey

29, sounds like an annoying higher pitched cricket. it will drive me nuts.

Dude. Thats flipping awesome. I can hear the sound perfectly but both my mother and father can't hear a thing! Yea it's a little annoying buy it's still cool!

Several of my colleagues, around 18 of them, tried the tones. some people could hear upto 20k and some couldn't hear anything above 13k. One thing is clear that there was absolutely no correlation with age. Some of our younger colleagues in 20s and early 30s who dont listen to loud music all the time couldn't hear higher picthes wheras some of the older people (mid 40s and above) could hear all the way upto 20k. It is true that as you get older the hearing goes down. But the reverse logic does not hold true. Hearing ability does not indicate age of a person.

does not work

Sophie (14)
I can hear it, but when i played it to my mum she couldn't. this is a similar one, it only works for people under 30, my mum culd hear it though and she is 40

I'm 36 years old and can hear the signal just fine. Since I first heard of this ringtone, I've been testing my hearing on HF's from 12kHz to 22kHz (in stepped increments of 500 Hz)and can hear all of them clearly although the volume seems to drop slightly between 15.5kHz and 17kHz.

i'm 12 but apparently look about 14, sounds like buzzing, percusian (sorry if i cant spell!) and voices! That's with my ear next to the speaker!

My teacher cant hear it but i can, its anooying it sounds like ringing in my ears

I could here it perfectly (11) but my dad whop is 35 could only here the two sticks in the middle of the thing and my dad's girlfriend though it was a joke and I wasn't playing anything! I tried to put it on my cell phone as a voice recording but it couldn't pick up such high frequency! And it was a razr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27. Obnoxious high pitched pulsing sound. Didn't bother me the first time too much. After 2 or 3 time it began to give me a headache. I've been to a lot of lound concerts and listen to my headphones pretty loudly. Glad to see my hearing hasn't suffered as much as I would have thought.

Amy Lloyd
well i can hear it but i'm rather confused really but never mind!

sd, cali
well i'm 15 and i can't hear a thing. this morning my local radio station did kind of the same test with a ringtone that college students found, that only young people could hear. but i'm only fifteen and i could not hear the sound on the radio or the mosquito sonic one.

E Double Dizzle Y
Sounds awfizzle! I'll be wearing my ipodizzle earphonizzles all the time. For shizzle!

It's a good idea but not sufficiently discriminating---it doesn't bother all kids or only kids.

so what do you think is gonna happen now. all these youths are gonna go hey this noise is annoying lets all go home to bed.this will only divert whatever problem you think is there and not solve anything. and the fact only under 25s can hear it, i think is purly discrimination.dont you?

this suks i am 12 an i cant hear nutin

What were they thinking? With Ipods blasting in our ears everyday and the tele on 24/7...don't they think we'd have some immunity after a while? What a bright idea that turned out to be.

i heard a high pitched sound and laughter

Champagne (18) FROM USA
okay at first i heard it, then i turned up the volume on my computer, and didnt hear it, i thought it was a joke, but then i realized i had my computer on mute and could once again hear this annoying buzzing noise. you people that cant hear it cant hear it because you dont listen... later darlings

27 years old. That is so irritating!! Like Dan from Seattle said "sounds like crickets" only more piercing. It's still hurts my ears 5 mins later. I really hope this doesn't become popular.

Diana (21)
Isn't Technology GREAT???!!!!!! I love it

I'm 17, and I can see where that would be annoying. I'm just having fun testing all my friends to see who can hear it. I have no problem with this though because if I really want to be someplace I'm not going to let that stop me. I don't get in people's way anyway.

these stores are waisting there money! they spend alot of money to keep potential customers away! plus, if some stores get it, people will go elese where, and the few teens who do vandalise will hit the stores who don't have them, so they will buy them, and eventually, teens and kids will not be able to go into any convinence stores at all. And, if you add the many other people who say they can hear it, there will be millions of people. I want to ask store owners a question; would you rather have a few teens do a slight bit of vandalism to you store, or have cars drive into your building endangering you and your custmers because the drivers have a huge headace from your noise makers? These things sound like a bad idea to me.


That sound is annoying, makes my stomach feel all tight. I'm 24 and I could hear it loudly with my headphones on and the sound isn't even turned up high. Reminds me when my parents think they've turned off the tv after watching a dvd not realizing they turned off the dvd player not the tv itself. I always got annoyed at them for that cuz it made that stupid high pitched whine sound. Now I realize that they just couldn't hear it.

boogey boo
Im 15 and i think that the sound is kind of hypnotizing to listen to. I like it even though it sounds wierd. I don't know why it would bother anyone. I think Dan from Seattle is right. It does sound like crickets and i guess thats calming. If you think about it couldn't you fall asleep to it?

I am almost 20 and I could barely hear a chirping sound. It was more like a ringing in my ear that I could feel than a sound though. That is really annoying and hurts your ears/head to an extent.

jim - 40 year old
I didn't hear anything at first. Then I put the computer speaker right next to my ear and moved it around. Then I could hear it but barely. A very high pitched sound. Not pleasant.

I am 20, my husband is 30, only I could hear the high pitched sound, it sounded like crickets to me. Both of us are sound-sensitive. On the issue of morals and ethics, I believe it is grossly unfair. It hurts my ears to hear it, and if I went to a store, it would be to buy not to steal or vandalize. We need more places for kids to hang out, places with responsible adults and fun activities, not to drive them away like so many rodents.

12 years old the sound is only herd by 9-18 years old and it is not bad to hear it is not loud and if 19 and up then how did the man make this.

I'm bumbed, I can't hear anything but someone laughing and some street noise :o(.

Michael (20)
I agree with Stuart here. Also, there are many worse places for kids to hang out. 100 kids at a theatre! What a disaster! (much sarcasm) Don't send them away, some may choose poor alternatives.

I can hear the mosquito... 26 years old...

I hear a faint buzzing (I'm 45) but it hurts my head like hell! My 15 yr old said it is wicked annoying and too high pitched for her to even imitate!

David Doran (16)
I can hear this quite clearly. I used to get annoyed when people had these in their houses when I could hear them and no-one else seemed to be able to. As for the repellent in a public place where do you start. Presuming that this is a legally public area, meaning that members of the public can be there then young people should be allowed to walk through there/be there without loitering. However, by using this system they are imposing a fish-net style discrimination of young people and anyone who can hear this. I don't have a problem with controlling troublesome teenagers but there there are limits to what are acceptable and we must find a way to solve the problem without breaking them, otherwise we become no better than the people we are trying to stop.

24 and i hear it

27 yrs. sounded like a faint chirping

My (nearly) 32 year old wallet & I would be shopping somewhere else- that is a really annoying sound. It hurt my ears after a moment. I wouldn't even be there long enough to buy my tickets or read the showtimes. Those who hate it, or the statement it makes can talk with their wallets and letters to the store. Somehow I doubt threats will encourage the store to remove these types of devices, but the thought of lost business might!

omg im 14 and it drove me crazy!the sound gets soo annoying even after about a 10 seconds.

16 years
It sounds like I'm going crazy it hurts my mind!!

K. Chambers
33, hear it... it hurts! Glad both are mp3's... I promise to keep my daughter out of my room for "Quiet Time"

22 years. Can hear it fine, slightly annoying.

Under 20
This is an example of gross stereotyping of teens, it is not the right thing to do. It would be the same as if a store's policy was to turn away people based upon racial stereotypes. Racism, age-ism... People cannot control their age, only their behavior.

i can hear it but its not very annoying

I am sixteen years old and I heard the noises fine-- I tested this out on a couple of my teachers, along with my parents-- who could not hear the noise at all. They thought I was making it all up until my classmates agreed. I think this is fascinating. Concerning the issue on "prejudice against teens," I think that stores should be able to use the Mosquito as long as they have had a serious problem with loiterers. Though many may feel that store/franchise owners are only stereotyping the younger generation, loitering is still illegal, and though they may not eliminate the older crowd, it certainly is a large chunk of it that they ARE eliminating. I say the only flaw in this is as Stuart has said, young children and animals can still hear the noise, and they may be perfectly innocent. Teens just going through the store or to see their movie shouldn't have a problem. To Steve: Check your grammar before you go on criticizing someone else's.

Aimee- 27
Annoying laughter of children is all that I can hear.

Ok. I am confused. I can hear a faint squeeking sound when I listen to it. But mostly just interferance. How loud is this thing really supposed to be? Or have I already lost my hearing?

Michelle USA
35 and it hurts my ears. I had to throw off the headphones.

41 years. The sound is very noticeable

52 years. Couldn't hear it on the radio, but did on line after turning the speakers way up. Tiny, high pitched, squeaking sound.

I can hear som kids knocking on a waste basket, and som one Laughing in the back ground, otherwise I can only hear som thing like the sound of distant traffic whisper or a wind blowing in my speakers. The noise on my computer is quite loud, and I woult emidiatly identefy it as pullution or distraction if it was added to my enviroment. Boring and easy to identefy the sorce. Male 38. with idetefyed hearing problem.

I heard some psychotic laughter - which may not have been the repellent - and a very loud ringing tone. And I'm 34. Does that mean I'm immature or something?

Visi Onary
Maybe we are looking at this the wrong way, maybe the sound can be tailored to send messages.

Under 15
It is soooooooooooooooooo annoying. It hurts my ears!!! Oww

This is crazy! Give teenagers more places to hang out, don't take them away, deal with the troublemakers not every child innocent or not!

wow that really hert my ears! its a waste of money i don't get why people would wan't to buy it!!

Diana from the United States
How about you worry a little more about dental care and a little less about alienating kids

jono wyborn
surely that would just encourage people to do their damage quicker to save loitering around

I find this sort of measure is a misjudged reaction to what the council or local residents believe to be a problem. As many of the amateur commentators below have pointed out, moving teenagers away from somewhere, by force or by high-pitched irritating noise, will not sole the problem. Surely a more effective solution would be to create more oppurtunities and activities for young people in the area? It's absurd and frankly naïve to assume that removing teenagers from theatre square will solve the problem of loitering teens.

Daniel McCabe
I'm 16, I don't see any problems with this system. Although I can see why some young people are offended that they're being treated like animals (this is a similar device to one used to deter cats afterall), I still think that the people responsible for the theatre have adopted it due to a genuine need. I've seen for myself how intimidating large groups of teenagers can be, especially to the elderly. Even if they are innocently meeting up just to socialise, their presence is still often a nuisance when in such large numbers. There's plenty of areas that teenagers can congregate without annoying other people. I'm sure that Swindon council have already spent on parks and youth facilities to accomodate them. I'd welcome the 'Mosquito' in my area.

Quote: Rick I could not hear anything except background noise. I am 49(today). Happy Birthday Rick!! Yeh i agree with Kirsty about the alienation, if you break the box with makes the noise adult's won't know because they can't hear it.

real pc to discriminate against a selcect group because they differ from you. UNBELIVEABLE local retailers should be proscecuted for this discrimination. You can't just sterotype people like this

How do we know it works if you cant hear a thing?I must not be a troublemaker anymore.Iam 35

ok what can i say about this i am 17 years old to start with and that noise is absolutely awfull it makes me feel sick after a while.I played it to my mom and she can't hear a thing,For several resons i do not think this is fair, teenagers are people too just because a minority of us decide that they are going to cause trouble now means that the rest of us have to be punished aswell.This is frankly quite scary that you wish to alienate us even more than you already have , this is age discrimination and guess what we will not stand for it.We allready turned the tables on you by creating a "adult proof ringtone" teenagers are not stupid far from it.This is one of the worst things i have ever heard, i thought we were meant to be all equal so if teens can hear this noise and adults cannot is that fair?.I agree with akhiem and komah a 100% you dont understand us and now you won't even try, you could ask them why they hang around instead of employing a machine to move us on like animals. overall this is pathetic, cruel and will most likely make things worse i am ashamed of some members of my own generation that their behavior has made this happen.But most of all i am appalled that a another human would think of doing this there are so many things ethically and morally wrong with this idea i just sincerely hope enough of us teens make a stand about this.

jade an nick
i think that it is well annoyin but i think that it will cause a problam for young mothers with their young children.

Just turned 27, and that is a very annoying sound. not enough to stop me from entering the area, but if I had to listen to it over and over that would drive me mad.

I'm 27 years old and I could hear it but it was very quiet sound.

whew! that noise bout gave me a headace (i'm 24), but it also sounds a lot like my tennitus, which comes and goes and is also annoying. the article says the sound is to "stop groups of up to 100 youngsters from gathering around Theatre Square." Does that mean it is only on part of the time? i.e. a certain time of day that is troublesome? I think that would make more sense than having it on all the time.

good noise

I am 30. I could hear it perfectly. Excelent sound.

I'm 36 and I could hear it perfectly. After awhile it would definitely deter me.

Nicole - 20 yrs old
The noise isn't quite so bad at first. I wanted to see how long I could stand it before I had to stop. After a minute and fourty-six seconds I had to turn it off because it was actually starting to give me a headach.

This is a strange idea. Used to be we'd use signs to keep kids away. One popular sign "help wanted."

First of all, that is not an ultra-sonic sound. Ultra-sonic sounds are over 20000 Hz of frecuency, and nobody can hear them (humans are able to hear from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz). Besides, everyone who takes care of his hearing in his life, will be able to hear (and hate) that sound, not only youth people.

I don't know who to agree with, Steve or Komah. I agree that teens, such as myself (16), are responsible a majority of most offenses, and i also like the whole thing about him saying komah thinks he's smart. The only problem is that i think Komah has a point when he says its unfair to target a group. What if i want to go to one of these plases because i like the merchandise or their services, but i am uncomfortable there due to the alarm. It doesnt seem fair to punish the majority for the actions of a few. I am a responsible teenager, and i would never think of vandalizing property, stealing something, or having drugs. Komah, its not racist though because teens are not a race. Blacks and whites are races, so teens consist of many races as do the rest of the human population. Thats my rant.


Komah, I applaud your stance on racism. Getting kids off the street to lower crime rates is totally the same as “driv[ing] black people away.” It’s definitely a “power” thing. Good call. My friend, don’t pay too much attention to what they tell you think on TV (oh no, the mind control has already begun!!). You must know the facts before you start bitching. My friend you’re nothing more than a trendy protestor. You have no clue what the real issues are or what is really important in life. I know this because if you did you a) wouldn’t be loitering in places where these devices are and would encourage kids who were hanging around these places to do something with their lives more than sit around and b) there are more important things you could be protesting than someone kicking you out of your favorite “hang out spot” where your probably not supposed to be. You are selfish. To answer your questions about why they are targeting teens. Well Komah, I’m here to present you with the facts from the Bureau of Justice. For starters, lets define “teens” as ages 13-19 (Even though this targets people under 25, your concern seems to be teens). For starters I’ll admit that one of your statements is true (but only one). Teens have more loitering offenses than any other age group; 94.7%. However, 24.2%, nearly a quarter of all crimes committed in the US, are committed by teens. In particularly 37% of robberies, 38.34% of burglary and 38.5% of theft were committed by teens. (Since your so smart I’ll assume you know the difference between robbery, burglary and theft). Those are big numbers. Lets go on. 43.3% of arson was committed by teens. Incase your math is bad, that’s almost half. 36% of all property crimes are committed by teens, 30.4% of crimes related to buying, receiving, or possessing stolen property are committed by teens, and here a fun one, 43.4% of vandalisms are committed by guess who? Teens. Ok, we’re having fun now, let’s not ruin a good thing. On the good side, prostitution and commercialized vice of teens is down to a low 8.7 %, and offenses against the family are down to 8.4%; however, sex offenses are up to 24% and drug abuse violations are up to 30%. And to cap off this fun list of facts, almost 25% of all disorderly conduct crimes are committed by teens. Sorry if the “committed by teens” phrase is getting redundant. Given these numbers of teens having such high percentages of crimes pertaining to stealing, vandalism, arson, sex offenses and drug abuse, you may find a little bit of common sense to understand why people may not want teens loitering outside, therefore increasing the chances of crimes committed by teens! Fact, not assumption. Aren’t facts fun Komah. If you don’t understand all this now, I guess I can say you’ll understand when you’re older. As far as you little “dictatorship” and “fascist nation” shenanigan (ps, note the spelling on fascist! It’s cool though, I won’t hold it against you since your dictatorship and fascist argument really fit right into your argument about “why its unfair to create a device to stop teens from loitering in a “problem area of Swindon.” I see the relationship…good job! But yea, good job with the free thought thing (although it seems like you’re only speaking out so some other ignorant moron might get the illusion that you’re smart. (Hopefully it’s a girl and she’ll likes smart guys ;-) ) Oh and “people like that really need to suffer a slow horrible painful death” and “they can all burn in hell” is quite the ending for a passage that seems to wants equality. It was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. It is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding; it seeks to annihilate rather than to convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love.” But other than that I think you make some EXCELENT points. Let’s keep taking money from our school and pumping

Old Mike
I'm 56, and I can hear it clearly. Does that make me a rowdy teen hoodlum?

I'm 31 and could hear it. When i left the room, the sound cut off. My girlfriend is 22 and she could hear it quite loudly.

joanne sansom
i am a 25 year old mother of two. although i agree its a good idea it really hurts my ears and is painful. i just dont see why i should suffer and have to hear it

I've never heard such a case of racism towards teens. No one finds this offensive? Why don't they come up with a device that drives black people away while they're at it? Then they can really feel power! Honestly people like that really need to suffer a slow horrible painful death. It makes me sick how easily someone can descriminate. Other people cause trouble too, not just teenagers. Teenagers are mainly guilty of loitering but adults do it all the time to and no one cares when they do it. People automatically assume the worst about teens when we are their future to begin with. This country is so close to a dictatorship. It's only a matter of time before this facist nation starts attempting to control our thoughts. Until then, they can all burn in hell.

Ow. My eardrums are bleeding now.

Bill - 24
I can actually hear this thing clearly over my window fan right next to me. Then again, I used to have a habit of hearing computer monitors that where left on.

THE3ND 15 tx
yah, thats kinda annoying... i dont see how it could prevent crimes in a store... but other than that i found that a pretty useful way to stop ppl *people* from staying in one place for too long... i guess thats the nois i hear every time i go into the sac n pac...

36. Can only hear laughter, some banging sound 2x, maybe some rustling, some cars. I went to a lot of heavy metal concerts when I was younger.

Chuck Norris
There is no such sound as this "Mosquito." It is only the sound of my roundhouse kick breaking through the speed of sound.

i'm 29, and i can hear it just fine- but then- i can hear my own heart beat...

I'm 25 and I could hear it loud and clear...but it wasn't annoying at all...I wouldn't leave a store because of that

I'm seventeen, nearly eighteen and I found it extremely annoying. I could almost compare it to biting on aluminum foil with a metal filling in your teeth. After listening it to about a minute and half, it becaue nearly unbearable. Maybe I'm more susceptible because I have a really sensitive ear.

I could hear it fine, it was pretty annoying after awhile. I'm 17. My cousin's 17 and was annoyed by it as well. My boss is 35 and can't hear it at all.

Chuck 1750
Im 7 years old and i heard a small sound acompanied by many people talking. In other words it was pointless and a waist of time. yes i heard it. I dont know if that sound was the real thing though!!!

Geoffrey Bratton
32 years old. I hear the tone and find it only slightly annoying. It sounds as if a TV is turned on.

i can hear it and i died 2006 years ago.

i can hear it, and it's kinda funny but useful to use against me? NO BLOODY WAY!

i played it on really loud speakers and it felt like someone had stuck needles in my ears and was making them bleed. lol

sky captian
seems in effective personaly, but im usd to extreme noises being in demolition and music

It was really annoying and hurt my ears

neverheard a thing

I cant hear it and im only 14! Its really annoying own my friends can.

Shayna O'Bryan
Yeah. It hurts my ears, very annoying. Im 19.

The high pitch sound isn't very annoying to me. It allows you to be able to hear it with out be to much.

10 it was like a sound in my head not a sound from the computer. i want it as a ringtone. where do i get it?

I'm 21 and I heard it fine. I found though, I could tune it out quite easily. Very annoying.

Wow! I just listened to this with my 5 year old daughter. She told me she hears a something like "fire alarm" and "a bird". I can't hear a thing accept the regular ambient sreet noise.

39 years old, USA, and no problem hearing that very annoying sound at all. I daresay there is one thing I haven't seen mentioned here, and that is the possibility that all the "old" people - like me - who can hear the sound stand a very good chance of being autistic to one degree or another, or have Asperger's syndrome. It is quite uncomfortable to listen for extended periods of time, and after just one run through of the sound, I have a pressure in my inner ear that will not go away and I am developing a quite painful headache. Before listening, I was quite well.

im 17 and it was extremely annoying, i can still hear it ringing in my ears. my brother who is 21 could not hear it and neither could my mom.

Doug Brown
I could hear it and I'm 42. Very annoying extremely high-pitched pulsing sound that fades in shortly after the wave starts playing. It sounds something like ultrasonic crickets.

I'm 17 and can hear it, however I'm wondering if I am actually hearing it properly, because to me it is a faint high pitched sound that is not annoying whatsoever. Perhaps my hearing is wearing out prematurely, or perhaps it's just a matter of opinion as to whether it is annoying or not.

i'm 15, and i can hear it perfectly... but, then again, i can also hear people making noises in the background.... it made my eyes water

I'm sixteen and I can hear it. The chattering of the crowd is a lot more annoying than the noise itself, although maybe if one of these was used in real life it would actually have an effect.

I heard it! And I'm almost 19. Man, that's high-pitched. Left a ringing tone in my ears.

ahhh, my ears! I'm 14 and I can hear it, but heck i dont really want to!

wow, that is suprisingly unnerving

Oh wow, that was THE most irritating sound I have ever heard. I'm 16 and I deffinately heard it.

I'm 13 and it made my ears feel strange!

Dude... I can still hear it!

not THAT bad


Hm. I'm thirteen and I could just barely hear it. Possibly because of the damage inflicted upon my ear from listening to music constantly with headphones with the volume up high. D:

I dunno... I just heard a really faint screeching noise... I didn't bother me too much but I don't think I was hearing it or something. How can that be? I'm 14!

The first time I heard it, I thought it was just a bunch of crickets or something in the background. But, after I listened to it again, I caught the pulsing ringing noise. I imagine it'd get more annoying the longer you listened to it or the louder it was. 18

I'm 24. I couldn't hear it at all, but now that it's stopped my ear drums hurt a little.

caroline pitcher
i'm nearly 20 and i really can't here it, all here is playground noise.nothing annoying. my friend is also 20 and she is in pain when she hears it.

never knows best
uhm that sound... my ears... i got a headache, this powerful weapon/sound its like a painful annoying squeeking inside your brain // BTW im 20

Erm, I can't hear any mosquito sounding noises! I'm 17 aswell...

That sound would drive me insane. It's still sort of playing in my ear.

13. i could hear it, but it was extremely quiet.

Mike Hunt
do the childern not know how to set the phone to vibrate

karl 21
What can i say? Thats the most annoying sound 2 date. Cool but annoying. maybe it could me used in marketing, have chocolates and lollies use them encoded. attract the kids, interesting. Still very annoying sound.

35. No problem whatsoever. Kind of a high-pitched squeal with a regular interval.

I'm 15 and i can hear the high pitched squeaking. It's quite quiet though. My mum couldn't hear it when i played it to her.

They forgot to add where I could buy these devices - I'd really like to stick a few around my house to make the neighborhood kids play somewhere else.

I can hear it and I'm 20. It's pretty irritating I would say. I could probably ignore it, but I'd rather not. Are these used once a "yongster group" comes and causes trouble, or all the time ? What if you just happen to go to that theatre square ?

I'm 21 and I can hear it from my right ear only. Guess I'm older from my left ear... Apart from that, I'm really uneasy about the idea of this repellant. What's next, a device to hit on the head only people over 1m80 because you don't want any "troublesome" basketballer ? I can't understand why no one sees it as discrimination. They even advise touse it in PUBLIC city squares!

I'm 25...kind of painful squeeking sound and some other background stuff

im 15, sounds like a screeching like some type of mouse :S

I'm 17 and i heard it, and it really hurt my ears/head. I had my speakers as low as they would go, that sound would deff. keep me away from somewhere if it was played continuously because I have very sensitive ears and I can hear things most people can't. And now I have a really bad headache

abi, learn to spell. your comment is unreadable.

Christine B. (27) Brooklyn, NY
I put my speakers as loud as they would go and as well as the volume on my computer and I couldn't hear a thing! Also no one else in my office heard it. What I did hear was fuzz then it sounded like a girl laughing and then banging on a pipe. Wish I could hear it, but sad to say too old. Though I am going to play it for my 16 year old brother without telling him...LOL

abi (11)
how is dat supposed 2 stop me from goin sumwhere i shouldnt it woz just sum pple laughing n a lil high pitched noise n y should old pple hav da right 2 play noise dat even thou it wldnt stop me from goin sumwhere

I listened with headphones, at normal volume. Wish I hadn't. It's not so bad at first, but it just keeps going - and then I made the mistake of turning the volume up to see if I was missing anything. I was. A headache.

madison (11)
I can hear it with the volume down LOW. Wow... There's a chance that would drive me insane if I heard it for more than 5 minutes...

milton toegit
I can hear a thing other than this awful whining noise, then someone putting her out of her misery with what sounds to be a metal pole.

I heard it, but it didn't annoy me at all. Seems like a good way to repel dogs, though.

mark g
i'm 35 and heard nothing.

51, heard it in Windows Media Player. Very cool visuals. Interesting chimpanzee noise at end, then the sound of a pipe hitting something hard. Interesting, but not annoying.

i'm 17/18 and GOSH! it hurt my brain, i think im going to have to haeva lie down now! lol

Indeed the sound is close to that of a powered up 50Hz CRT screen, although more pulsating. I guess it is played very loudly through speakers, wich is what must make it unbearable. (as any other sound for that matter). I would be concerned about it damaging one's hearing, especially for people like me suffering from "hyper-hearing" (don't know the exact english term for that medical condition wich is the inability to cope with loud sounds, especially high frenquencies. People suffering from this condition have to wear earplugs all the time to make life "bearable".)

I'm 28 and my testicles started resinating - it hurt like hell.

I had to listen to it a few times to hear anything but once i did i found that all i could hear was a faint pulsing sound that seemed like a computer monitor had been left on. I'm 19.

I'm 16 and I could hear the sound quite clearly. Kinda sounded like crickets. Not that annoying, really.

I'm 20 and I hear it but I really don't find it annoying. It just sounds like background noise that I could very easily tune out.

The last thing we want is children hanging around the arts centers...Send them home to their televisions, please. 20y, after 3-4 listens not incredibly annoying---at that point.

Wow, I'm 15, and I can hear it very clearly, it's pretty irritating after awhile. My siblings, ages 6, 11, and 13 can all hear it very well, while my 39 year old father couldn't hear it at all.

I'm almost 16 and i can hear it. It started to annoy me after i played it for like a second time. Then i turned up the volume, from listening volume,to as high as my speaker can go and I immediately got pissed off.

I'm 19 yo, but i couldn't hear the noise, just the ambient noise... I think my hearing may be damaged, i'll go and see a doctor...

I'm 19 and couldn't hear it at all unless I put on headphones and turned the volume all the way up, in which case it's a very faint pulsating buzz. I'm actually a bit concerned about my hearing.

oh no i'm 13 and i cant hear it unless i turn the volume up it's like a pulse of noises that is soo irritating.

im 17 and I can hear it. I should be able to hear it anyway. It's not irritating.

I live in Virginia and am a 47 year old former entertainer. Crank the speakers a bit, and I can hear it. Ha! You're only as old as you hear you are!

I heard nuttn Just street nioze

i'm 27 and it's a very high pitched chirping sound like a cricket. kind of like the high pitched whine from electronics equipment but with the pulses it really drives the sound into my head. it's kind of like this:

don't like it
22 here, I can hear it clearly with the background noise below a reasonable level. For me it triggers my tinitus which means I'll be playing that noise in my head for a while :-(. Needless to say I will spend my money elsewhere.

Yaa 101
I am 39 and I was able to hear the high pitched tone but not the first time, I needed to beware before I was able to hear it, but once you do it's horrible painful really.

I am incredibly happy that by the time this technology reaches the states, I shall be deaf to it.

I'm 22 and could hear it, but I don't think I would hear it on my cellphone if it was in my purse.

I'm 30 and I would leave a business where I heard this sound. It's annoying as hell.

Im 17 and i can hear it but only when i have my speakers really high or my headfones on. But when i i was given a much clearer high frequency sound on my phone i could hear it better sounded like a static buzzing noise didnt really do much harm me. I think the only reason why teachers couldnt hear it is proberly because you cant even play it that loud on your phone.

I'm 26 and could hear it clearly. Also my mom, who is 57, heard it. But she is known to hear things she should not hear, like ultrasound.

I'm 30 and I could hear it on headphones with the volume at "low". Don't know if it becomes more irritating with repeated exposure, but teens will probably sample it for their music, just because. They've already started using it as a ringtone in class since the teacher can't hear it :/

Dan Dean
I'm 27, nearly 28 and I sure as hell heard it! It' was quite painfull. It sounded like an undulating ringing like a tuning fork.

Im 20 and it sounds just like that annoying sound that TVs and monitors make

Chet - is that was was going on in the malls - i could always hear that high pitched whine - assumed it was the security system. I'm 39 now - and I can hear it - gives me a serious shake my head to get it out of my ears moment. hell - it's not playing right now and my ears are still ringing.

Steven Burgess
Totally annoying and i am 53.

I am 31 and I can hear it. It sounds like the TV. My wife cannot hear it. She thinks I am crazy.

Kim Mackenzie
35, professional musician, I could hear it. Very annoying.

I'm 60 and I feed it from my MacBook to my IM7 with the sound cranked and all I can hear is background noise, people giggling.

Paul R. Potts
Age 38, male, some moderate hearing damage due to some loud heavy metal concerts attended as a teenager and playing electric guitar in some garage bands; I had mild tinnitus for a few years, but these days if I go to a concert, I wear earplugs, and I think my hearing as actually recovered somewhat, although some medical authorities might claim that doesn't happen. As a teenager my family had a stereo demo record that played a sweep tone and I could hear up to somewhere past 20 or 22 KHz, but that has probably declined since then. I can hear the tone, on some relatively cheap computer speakers. If you can't hear it, try some headphones; your computer speakers may not be able to reproduce that frequency. It sounds like it is approximately the same high whine frequency given off by some monitors and TVs when they are on, particularly monitors that are not sync'ed to a signal. That sound is about 15 KHz. When I was young I was very sensitive to this whine from televisions. I can still can hear it if I pay attention. I can see how it would be more noticeable to teenagers or young children. It might serve as a deterrent, although that seems a little dubious. If I was that age I would probably try to figure out how to sabotage the device making the sound!

Gabie, 16
I'm 16, and well, that was pretty annoying! It hurt my ears rather, i definately could not hang around in an area where that was playing. I would say it's a good idea, however I question that it could be thought of as an ageist measure?

it peirced my ears and commanded me to off it!!

i'm 26. i could hear it plainly. if i was 18, it wouldn't stop me from loitering.

ian delaune
im 26 and while not terribly loud - terribly annoying. horrible even.

I can hear it and I'm 2 weeks shy of 30. I don't think it sound like an mosquito thought it's more like a squeaky wheel that turning.

I am going to be 43 in about two months and I can hear it. I ,like Mark, had to turn my volume up, but I usually have it rather low so as not to disturb others in the house. It was a pulsating electric squeak. Not bad for a short amount of time, but for long periods I think it would give me a headache.

(65 y.o.)Heard it clearly on better speakers but was not bothered by it.

Michael Madarasz
At 49, I cant hear the tone. Must be the years of loud music and age!

I am 65 years old and couldn't hear anything; my hearing is OK for my age.

Im 25 and could detect a frequency, but only because i way trying to hear it. i really couldnt hear much at all. i hope my speakers are broken...

36 and 11, night and day
I played it on my Powerbook. I could hear the chirping, as I also hear it when a TV is on from a room away. But my son, 11, who played a videogame in the same room complained and asked if I could turn it down. It hurt his throath!

it depends on your speakers too, my cheap logitechs don't play it but you can hear it on barry's.

noise artist
I'm 30 and could not hear the sound at all.

hi, i'm 28 and can hear the sound pulsing in the background. its about 20% of the 'noise' is volume. however, it no more irritation than the noise made by some electrical equipment such as CRT screens.

Ryan Waddell
I'm 28, and I can hear it. It wasn't really THAT irritating.

Carson True
Although it isn't very annoying in this sound clip, I'm sure that after an hour or two of loitering around the entrance of a shop, it would probably drive a person mad.

If you turn the volume up very loud it is much easier to hear. It is like some sort of horrid carrier signal. It reminds of of noises power supplies make when they arn't working properly. I'm 25 and would not be able to shop there. How long before a business is sued for hearing damage?

Brad Helland
If they want to get rid of youths, why don't they just play country music :)

I am a 25 yr old female. I can hear the tone but don't find it particularly annoying. It is possible that I (and many of my peers) are somewhat inured to high frequency sounds as they tend to be the by products of many computers, televisions and such.

46 years old. My dogs looked up momentarialy and shook their head. Thats it!

Ugh - I've heard this a lot inside malls (USA) years before its use as a teen repellent, and this kind of noise can be pretty painful - I'd describe it as "crushingly piercing". I think they used this kind of sound to keep bugs and rats out of the store, though it worked in irritating me too.

i hear that high pitch noise all the time. and im 55.

This would hardly seem legal. Blasting an irritating noise in a public space must break some laws or at least noise regulations. Also, the idea of treating an entire class of people as all criminals and trying to get them out of the public eye seems like a ludicrous use of tax money.

E. H.
I'm 23, hold a job, support myself, and this sound irritating to the point of being offensive. If buisnesses tried this where I live, they'd lose me as a patron. Permanently.

michaelm, age 33
I can hear it, though I had to turn the volume up a bit, and yes it's irritating, and a dumb idea.

I'm 22, and though it's barely on the edge of my range I can here it. It would definately give me a headache after a while. I feel sorry for any dogs in the vicinity.

25, and I can "feel" the sound, but didn't find it particularly annoying.

I could not hear it. I am 46 yo, male. I looked at it with a simple audio spectrum analyzer program, and I do see a spike around 16KHz, so somehing IS there.

I'm 27, and I can hear it just fine. I'm also pretty sure I have some hearing loss, due to a) playing in bands for years, b) generally listening to music too loud, and c) having ruptured my left eardrum twice. So I'm skeptical. It is annoying, but I'm not sure I'd leave somewhere because of it.

I'm 15, and I could hear the tone just fine. It wasn't the slightest bit annoying. In fact, it sounded like a girl laughing at one point.

61 years old...could only hear background noise.

Umm, 37 years old and I can hear it perfectly.

I'm 30 years old and really couldn't hear it. Impressive.

Elmyra Duff
Makes a lovely ringtone on my phone that the adults can't hear!

simon angir
doesnt bother me to much i can here and feel it in my ears.

Joe Bailey
Very,Very annoying!!

This is ludicrous. Employing sound waves that, quite frankly, hurt my ears, just to stop people hanging around certain area's. Surely there should be a human factor to moving on troublesome youthes...but no...leave it to a that'll get vandalised alot.

This is really stupid. It's discriminatory against young people in general! Just because there are alot of chavs around, it doesnt mean that we all are!!! If you could make a soundwave that only affected people wearng burberry or bling, then yeah, i'd be all for it, but this? This is just gona pee the kids off, and before long, theyre gona get peed off and set fire to something. mark my words.

tom bower
your all wallys and yes somtimes teenagers do cause damage but these are a select few, how about giving the teenagers somwhere to go rather than just brushing them under the carpet cause it will come back to bite you in the bottom!! VIVA LE RESISTANCE!!

Well done, North Wiltshire's least imaginitive town council. You're treating your own youths rather like vermin - it's no wonder you get anti-social behaviour in the town centre. Why don't you plough your creative energies into providing something for the youths to do, instead of hanging around the dismal concrete jungle that is the civic centre and theatre complex.

I live in Swindon and I haven't a problem with the kids hanging out around Theatre Square. I fully understand that certain youths are a nuisance outside shops etc and yes that should be stopped but on a relatively low traffic area like the square they're harmless - at the end of the day the kids have got to go somewhere - if you ask me, moving them on from the square moves the problem elsewhere. I'll check out the buzz this weekend and report back Note.. I'm 26 so according to this load of guff I shouldn't be "annoyed" by it (apart from the fact that I'll probably have a load of kids outside my house now!)

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